Thursday, April 2, 2020

Where The Hell Am I -The Steely Dan US-UK Singles

Back in 2017, I put the first version of this very quickly to help remember Walter Becker's passing. I've had this on the upgrade list for about a year and today's the day it got finally completed. For those who got it or remember it back in September 2017, here are the changes: "Hey 19" is now the "single" version, but I had to edit it myself as the actual single version still hasn't appeared anywhere. Also, I'm including  UK-only tracks have been added, as well as unique promos. Finishing up, I added a quad promo EP with actual quad mixes folded down (thank you Lupine Assassin!). Finally, I tagged each track with original artwork. It's a bit over 2 CDs long, @320 and there's quite a few here that are not currently commercially available. I'd like to see SD put out a set like this, including the quad promo as a separate disc. I'd buy it.

1 Dallas [6-72] 3:15
2 Sail The Waterway [6-72] 3:04
3 Do It Again (Single Edit) [10-72] 4:13
4 Fire In The Hole [10-72] 3:28
5 Reelin' In The Years [2-73] 4:37
6 Only A Fool Would Say That [2-73] 2:58
7 Showbiz Kids (45 Version) [7-73] 4:26
8 Razor Boy [7-73] 3:12
9 My Old School [10-73] 5:47
10 Pearl Of The Quarter [10-73] 3:49
11 King Of The World (Countdown To Ecstasy Jukebox EP)  [1973] 5:04
12 With A Gun (US Quad Promo EP) [1974] 2:16
13 Rikki Don't Lose That Number (US Quad Promo EP) [1974] 4:29
14 Barrytown (US Quad Promo EP) [1974] 3:20
15 Pretzel Logic (US Quad Promo EP) [1974] 4:29
16 East St. Louis Toodle-oo [1974] 2:50
17 Rikki Don't Lose That Number (45 Version) [4-74] 4:01
18 Any Major Dude Will Tell You [4-74] 3:08
19 Pretzel Logic [9-74] 4:33
20 Through With Buzz [9-74] 1:34
21 Black Friday [5-75] 3:41
22 Throw Back The Little Ones [5-75] 3:15
23 Bad Sneakers [8-75] 3:20
24 Chain Lightning [8-75] 3:01
25 Kid Charlemagne [6-76] 4:39
26 Green Earrings [6-76] 4:05
27 The Fez [10-76] 4:01
28 Sign In Stranger [10-76] 4:24
29 Haitian Divorce (UK A-Side) [11-76] 5:51
30 Peg [11-77] 3:57
31 I Got The News [11-77] 5:07
32 Deacon Blues (45 Version) [3-78] 6:39
33 Home At Last [3-78] 5:36
34 FM (No Static At All) (45 Version) [5-78] 3:49
35 FM (Reprise) [5-78] 2:54
36 Josie [8-78] 4:31
37 Black Cow [8-78] 5:10
38 Hey Nineteen (BF Single Edit) [11-80] 4:31
39 Bodhisattva [Live] [11-80] 7:45
40 Babylon Sisters (UK A-Side) [2-81] 5:51
41 Time Out Of Mind [3-81] 4:13




Jackson said...

Oh man, I perked up immensely (in these straaange COVID days) when I saw this just now! Thanks so much! I have everything by Steely Dan on both vinyl and CD (multiple copies even, in the case of some picture sleeves, etc), but even at that, I don't have it all DIGITIZED, plus there are some real rarities here I'd not seen before (the Quad stuff).

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Like you, if Fagen would just put it out officially, I'd buy it today - just like the box set, which I basically bought just to get that amazing demo of "Everyone's Gone To The Movies."

Cheers from Atlanta! Be well BF!

Aging Child said...

Another nice one - thanks, BlankFrank!

Bud_e_luv_bomb said...

Dallas and Sail The Waterway - two of my favorite tunes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing project! Stay healthy & home!

furrball said...

WOW!! I have been looking for the single edit of 'Deacon Blues' like... forever!! Another great comp (as usual ;) ). Thanks again, BF, and stay healthy!

furrball said...

P.S.: Did you happen to note the copyright notice on 'Sail The Waterway'? [Ah, 'tis a sad day indeed when even your record label can't spell their own name right...] :D

furrball said...

P.P.S.: Question - why is 'Hey Nineteen' in mono? :/

Anonymous said...

Great, great, great! Deeper and so much better than any "Greatest Hits" comp or similar efforts! A cool, highly informed enterprise. Thank you very much again, BF! The Chairman

BlankFrank said...

@ Furrball. Yep Mono. Now being fixed - Yandex is up and Zippy is coming soon

furrball said...

Oh, goody! Zippy's coming soon. I missed that chimp!:D :D :D (I'll leave quietly, now...)

Anonymous said...

When dreams come true. Thanks.

Carlos Henrique Xavier Endo said...

Miss the Vol. 3, comrade. Thanks for the others magnificent archives.

Sky Raven said...

Thanks so much for this. BTW, is there a cover for this one? ... All I see is a blank. Burt

zipper said...

Lovely stuff Frank...many thanks.

novectors said...

maybe it's just me...

seems like most otherwise-excellent compilation of the 'Dan somehow manage to leave out "Don't Take Me Alive", probably one of my favorite pre-Aja tracks...

that said, it doesn't get ANY better than this!

~ thanks for having us, Frank!

Anonymous said...

Another great looking comp. Please re upload