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Dim All The Lights - Donna Summer Singles Collection (1968-2012)

You won't have to guess hard to see how I've been spending my month in quarantine. Funny thing is I really didn't know where to post this, so I figured I'd put this in a category I've never posted in.

For me, Donna Summer has always been a singer that transcended her genre. Like a very few others, like Hank Williams Sr, Patsy Cline or Bob Marley, Donna rose about these limitations and defied classification. Oh, you can be sure that I hated most disco back in the day. So mindless. So superficial. So in your face every day. Now my attitude about Disco has softened, but my love and respect for Donna has never abated. Just check out "Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)". Originally the A-Side to "I Feel Love" (before it was switched), it is one of the finest vocals ever. Your comments are welcome! Disco is what put her on the map, but her talent is what kept her in the game.

This set was also one of the hardest to put together. Dance music is by its nature a remixer's world - many of these tracks can only be found on the original first-pressing vinyl singles. Different countries often had different mixes. reissue singles usually used the standard LP version. On a few occasions, there was no option but to recreate it. But whenever possible, I checked it against a YouTube or needle drop. Speaking of needle drops, there's a few here, especially in the very early tracks. As far I can tell, these have never seen a digital release.

So here is every Donna Summer single throughout her entire career, Both "A" and "B" sides, all (truthfully, nearly all) in their original 7" mixes. It's been a challenging project, but it has also been rewarding. It came out pretty good, IMO. Very listenable and hardly any drag. A nice mix of rarities and familiar, with much of the well-known stuff presented in an untypical way  I hope you give it try! All @ 320 and tagged with original labels or sleeves.

Dim All The Lights Vol 1: Let's Work Together (1968-75)
1 Donna Gaines und Ensemble Wassermann (Aquarius) (German Single) [1968]
2 Bernd Redecker, Gudrun Kramer, Donna Gaines Lasst den Sonnenschein (German Single) [1968]
3 Donna Gains If You Walkin' Alone (German Single) [11-69]
4 Donna Gains Can't Understand (German Single) [11-69]
5 Donna Gaines Sally Go 'Round The Roses (UK Single) [5-71]
6 Donna Gaines So Said the Man (UK Single) [5-71]
7 Donna Gaines The Hostage (UK Single) [10-74]
8 Donna Gaines Let's Work Together Now (UK Single) [10-74]
9 Donna Summer Full of Emptiness (German B-Side) [12-74]
10 Donna Summer Denver Dream (French Single) [1974]
11 Donna Summer Somethings In The Wind (French Single) [1974]
12 Donna Summer Lady Of The Night (German Single) [3-75]
13 Donna Summer Wounded (German Single) [3-75]
14 Donna Summer Love To Love You (Single Version) [4-75]
15 Donna Summer Need-A-Man Blues (LP Version) [4-75]
16 Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby (Part II) (Long Single B-Side ) [1975]
17 Donna Summer Virgin Mary (Dutch Single) [9-75]
18 Donna Summer Pandora's Box  (Dutch B-Side Single Edit) [9-75]


Dim All The Lights Vol 2: Could It Be Magic (1976-77)
19 Donna Summer Could It Be Magic (BF Single Edit) [4-76]
20 Donna Summer Whispering Waves (US/UK B-Side) [4-76]
21 Donna Summer Come With Me (Euro B-Side) [6-76]
22 Donna Summer Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (BF Single Edit) [6-76]
22 Donna Summer Wasted (BF Single Edit) [6-76]
24 Donna Summer Winter Melody (Single Version) [12-76]
25 Donna Summer Spring Affair (Single Version) [12-76]
26 Donna Summer Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over) [6-77]
27 Donna Summer I Feel Love (Single Version) [6-77]
28 Paul Jabara with Special Guest Donna Summer Shut Out (Single Version) [7-77]
29 Donna Summer Theme From The Deep (Down Deep Inside) [8-77]
30 Donna Summer I Remember Yesterday (Part 1) [9-77]
31 Donna Summer I Remember Yesterday (Part 2) [9-77]
32 Donna Summer Love's Unkind (German Single) [11-77]
33 Donna Summer Black Lady (German Single) [11-77]
34 Donna Summer I Love You (Single Version) [11-77]
35 Donna Summer Once Upon A Time (BF Single Edit) [11-77]
36 Donna Summer Fairy Tale High (BF German Single Edit) [12-77]


Dim All The Lights Vol 3: Heaven Knows (1978-79)
37 Donna Summer Rumour Has It (Single Version) [3-78]
38 Donna Summer Say Something Nice [3-78]
39 Donna Summer Last Dance (Single Version) [4-78]
40 Donna Summer With Your Love (Single Version) [4-78]
41 Donna Summer Back In Love Again (German Single) [5-78]
42 Donna Summer A Man Like You (German Single) [5-78]
43 Donna Summer Mac Arthur Park (Single Version) [9-78]
44 Donna Summer Once Upon a Time (Live Version) [9-78]
45 Donna Summer Heaven Knows [12-78]
46 Donna Summer Only One Man [12-78]
47 Donna Summer Hot Stuff (Single Version) [4-79]
48 Donna Summer Journey To The Center Of Your Heart (Single Version) [4-79]
49 Donna Summer Bad Girls (Single Version) [5-79]
50 Donna Summer On My Honor [5-79]
51 Donna Summer Dim All The Lights (Single Version) [8-79]
52 Donna Summer There Will Always Be A You [8-79]
53 Barbra Streisand / Donna Summer No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Single Version) [10-79]
54 Donna Summer My Baby Understands [10-79]
55 Donna Summer On The Radio (Single Version) [11-79]
56 Donna Summer Love Will Always Find You [11-79]


Dim All The Lights Vol 4: Grand Illusion (1980-82)
57 Paul Jabara and Donna Summer Never Lose Your Sense of Humour (UK Single Version) [3-80]
58 Donna Summer Sunset People (Single Version) [6-80]
59 Donna Summer Our Love (Single Version) [6-80]
60 Donna Summer Walk Away (US Single Version) [8-80]
61 Donna Summer The Wanderer [9-80]
62 Donna Summer Stop Me [9-80]
63 Donna Summer Cold Love (Single Version) [11-80]
64 Donna Summer Grand Illusion [11-80]
65 Donna Summer Who Do You Think You're Foolin' (Single Version) [2-81]
66 Donna Summer Running For Cover [2-81]
67 Donna Summer Looking Up (Japanese Single) [4-81]
68 Donna Summer Who Do You Think You're Foolin' (Japanese Single) [4-81]
69 Donna Summer Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Single Version) [6-82]
70 Donna Summer Sometimes Like Butterflies [6-82]
71 Donna Summer State Of Independence (Single Version) [9-82]
72 Donna Summer Love Is Just A Breath Away [9-82]
73 Donna Summer The Woman In Me [12-82]
74 Donna Summer Livin' In America [12-82]
75 Donna Summer Protection (Japanese-Euro Single) [12-82]
76 Donna Summer (If It) Hurts Just A Little (Euro B-Side) [12-82]


Dim All The Lights Vol 5: Face The Music (1983-85)
77 Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money [4-83]
78 Donna Summer I Do Believe (I Fell In Love) [4-83]
79 Donna Summer Unconditional Love (Single Version) [8-83]
80 Donna Summer Woman (Single Version) [8-83]
81 Donna Summer Stop Look And Listen (Single Version) [1-84]
82 Donna Summer Tokyo [1-84]
83 Donna Summer With Matthew Ward Love Has a Mind Of Its Own (Single Version) [4-84]
84 Donna Summer People, People [4-84]
85 Donna Summer There Goes My Baby [7-84]
86 Donna Summer Maybe It's Over [7-84]
87 Donna Summer Supernatural Love (Single Remix) [10-84]
88 Donna Summer Face The Music (US B-SIde) [10-84]
89 Donna Summer Suzanna (Euro B-SIde) [10-84]
90 Donna Summer Eyes (Single Remix Edit) [5-85]
91 Donna Summer It's Not The Way [5-85]


Dim All The Lights Vol 6: Breakaway (1987-89)
92 Donna Summer Dinner With Gershwin (Single Edit) [8-87]
93 Donna Summer Dinner With Gershwin (Instrumental) [8-87]
94 Donna Summer with Mickey Thomas Only The Fool Survives (Single Edit) [11-87]
95 Donna Summer with Mickey Thomas Love Shock [11-87]
96 Donna Summer All Systems Go (Single Edit) [1-88]
97 Donna Summer Bad Reputation [1-88]
98 Donna Summer This Time I Know It's For Real [2-89]
99 Donna Summer Whatever Your Heart Desires [2-89]
100 Donna Summer I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Single Remix) [5-89]
101 Donna Summer I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Instrumental) [5-89]
102 Donna Summer Loves About To Change My Heart (Single Mix) [8-89]
103 Donna Summer Loves About To Change My Heart (Instrumental) [8-89]
104 Donna Summer Breakaway (Single Remix / Edit) [8-89]
105 Donna Summer Thinkin' Bout My Baby  (US B-Side) [8-89]
106 Donna Summer Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Remixed Euro B-Side) [8-89]
107 Donna Summer When Love Takes Over You (UK Single Remix) [11-89]


Dim All The Lights Vol 7: Carry On (1990-99)
108 Donna Summer State Of Independence (1990 Single Version) [11-90]
109 Donna Summer Love Is Just A Breath Away [11-90]
110 Donna Summer When Love Cries (Radio Remix) [1991]
111 Donna Summer What Is It You [1991]
112 Donna Summer Work That Magic (ISA Full Length Remix) [11-91]
113 Donna Summer Let There Be Peace [11-91]
114 Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder Carry On (Original Mix) [1992]
115 Donna Summer La Vie En Rose (French Promo) [1993]
116 Donna Summer Melody of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Original Version) [1994]
117 Donna Summer The Christmas Song [1994]
118 Donna Summer Any Way At All [1994]
119 Bruce Roberts & Donna Summer Whenever There Is Love [11-96]
120 Bruce Roberts & Donna Summer Whenever There Is Love (Instrumental Version) [11-96]
121 Donna Summer I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro) (Radio Edit) [1999]
122 Donna Summer Love On & On (Hex Hector Single Remix) [1999]
123 Donna Summer Love Is The Healer [1999]


Dim All The Lights Vol 8: Fame - The Game (2000-12)
124 Donna Summer The Power Of One [7-00]
125 Donna Summer You're So Beautiful (Tony Moran Radio Edit) [2003]
126 Donna Summer Dream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love) [2004]
127 Donna Summer Power Of Love (Album Version) [2005]
128 Donna Summer I Got Your Love (Original Radio Edit) [12-05]
129 Donna Summer I'm A Fire (Solitaire Radio Edit) [3-08]
130 Donna Summer Stamp Your Feet [4-08]
131 Donna Summer It's Only Love (Digiral Single) [6-08]
132 Donna Summer Fame (The Game) [11-08]
133 Donna Summer To Paris With Love (Original Version) [8-10]
134 Donna Summer That's The Way [2012]



wikkid.pissa said...

Thanks very much for this project. Great job. Donna was less than a year older than me and we were raised only a few miles apart.

Mike Britcom said...

Nice comp. Thanks. I think some of the links are wonky. There are two Vol. 1's and no Vol. 3.

Anonymous said...

Great collection, but Volume 3 links have Volume 2 on them. And the Yandex link for Volume 2 is not wowking.

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I just updated the links. Thanks for your quick comments!

David said...

Looks like a great collection, thanks for the hard work and for sharing

LiverpoolLou said...

Spectacular collection! Thank you so much for this!

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One more time: THANK YOU!

LonChes said...

Thank you!

Rick said...

Many many thanks for putting this terrific collection together - very much appreciated!

I too am anonymous. said...

Big thanks for this.

Ron said...

Thanks so much for this effort, and I am very pleased to learn about Donna's early work, as Donna Gaines and the german releases, I was not aware of those details before. Also very pleased to get first encounter with your blog here, very highly appreciated! Keep safe (distance), good luck...

stevenluvsabba said...

Such a glorious labor of love... Thank you!
I own all of Donna's studio (and live) albums but it's interesting how many gaps that still leaves... Thanks for helping me fill in Donna's fabulous discography that truly transcends genres. :)

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-upload the links? I downloaded these last year and my computer crash and lost everything. Great job in putting this together. Thank you!