Sunday, December 22, 2019

Let's Get Stoned - A Tribute to Bobby Keys (2019 BF Update)

Back in 2014, I was feeling sad about the loss of Bobby Keys and thought I'd share a compilation that I made back then, recently updated in 2019 by adding 8 tracks and seriously tweaking the playlist. I added some of his solo recordings (which have never seen any kind of digital release) and another surprise in the playlist!  With the stuff added, there's enough of his artistry here to give a pretty clear idea of what an iconic player he really was.

It begins, perfectly enough, with a request from Bobby to get stoned and then moves on to a look at his not necessarily his best, but some of his most important early career sessions.  Following say, from track 10 through 16, is the pop Bobby Keys, finishing up with the deeper cuts and a closer look at the musician.  I hope you like it.

Dedicated to my cuz Frank, who long ago hipped me to much of this when I was too young and geeky - when that was a bad thing! Merry Christmas!

It's all tagged and @320. 250 megs, One hour forty-four minutes long.
01 Joe Cocker - Let's Go Get Stoned
02 Dion - The Wanderer
03 Bobby Keys - Honky Tonk
04 The Rolling Stones - Live With Me
05 Harry Nilsson - At My Front Door
06 George Harrison - Run Of The Mill
07 The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia
08 Faces - Had Me A Real Good Time
09 Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Little Richard Medley
10 John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Through The Night
11 Ringo Starr - Photograph
12 Carly Simon - Mockingbird
13 Leo Sayer - More Than I Can Say
14 The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
15 George Harrison - Wah-Wah
16 Harry Nilsson - Down
17 Bobby Keys - Gimmie The Key (promo Disco Mix)
18 Van Dyke Parks - Tribute To Spree
19 Humble Pie - Big George
20 The Rolling Stones - Rip This Joint
21 The New Barbarians - F.U.C. Her
22 Eric Clapton - Slunky
23 Bobby Keys - Altar Rock
24 The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
25 Harry Nilsson - Rock Around The Clock



Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blind Faith (BlankFrank Deluxe Edition)

OK, so for Disc One: Masters and Disc Two: Alternates, I upgraded the original LP from an HD 96/24 source (and it really sounds nice!), added the super-rare (but not very good) Island "Change Of Address" promo 45. Filling out the disc is every alternate studio (completed) recording known to exist. The Rick Gretch "solo" tracks, "Exchange And Mart" and "Spending All My Days" are said to include George Harrison, Denny Laine (?!?!?) Along with Clapton and Winwood, so let's just agree to call it Blind Faith-ish, therefore justifying its inclusion HERE.

What were two CDs on the commercially available "Deluxe Edition" are now four, as you can see, a'la the Layla box set. Though I had 2 discs worth of additional jams/rehearsals, there was not much musical value, so the 2001 deluxe edition jams are all that are included here with one nice addition.

Disc Four is a typical BF concert taken from four sources and sequenced as it would have been performed toward the end of the tour.  In the last few shows, they played "Sunshine of Your Love".  The version included here is not very good, but it's the best complete performance I could find.  It took some time to make sure the transitions were as smooth as possible and given the variable quality here, it's really quite listenable and for now, the closest thing we have to a complete BF concert.

Finally, artwork, photos, BF band info/research were included and recording dates were added for all tracks. This is what I believe to be the final word and the only complete (but listenable) anthology on Blind Faith

Blind Faith Deluxe 1: Masters and 2: Alternates 
101 Had To Cry Today (24-6-69) 8:48
102 Can't Find My Way Home (28-6-69) 3:16
103 Well All Right (24-2-69) 4:27
104 Presence Of The Lord (20-2-69) 4:52
105 Sea Of Joy (28-5-69) 5:22
106 Do What You Like (24-6-69) 15:19
107 Change Of Address (Island 45) (02-3-69) 5:26
201 Sleeping In The Ground (25-6-69) 2:52
202 Can't Find My Way Home (Electric Version) (27-5-69) 5:43
203 Time Winds (30-5-69) 3:18
204 Sleeping In The Ground (Slow Blues Version) (24-6-69) 4:45
205 Hey Joe (03-3-69) 6:36
206 Exchange And Mart (10-69) (Orig. Japanese CD) 4:18
207 Spending All My Days (10-69) (Orig. Japanese CD) 3:03

Blind Faith Deluxe 3: Jams 
301 Key To The Highway (2-3-69) 6:00
302 Acoustic Jam (25-6-69) 15:54
303 Jam No.1: Very Long & Good Jam (02-3-69) 14:03
304 Jam No.2: Slow Jam #1 (02-3-69) 15:09
305 Jam No.3: Change Of Address Jam (02-3-69) 12:10
306 Jam No.4: Slow Jam #2 (02-3-69) 16:06

Blind Faith Deluxe Disc 4: Live
401 Introduction (Hyde Park 07-6-69) 0:20
402 Well All Right (Hyde Park 07-6-69) 6:21
403 Sleeping In The Ground [Hyde Park 07-6-69) 4:34
404 Sea Of Joy (Goteborg, Sweden 18-6-69) 9:11
405 Under My Thumb (Hyde Park 07-6-69) 5:59
406 Can't Find My Way Home (Goteborg, Sweden 18-6-69) 8:49
407 Crossroads (Santa Barbara Fairgrounds 16-8-69) 6:28
408 Presence Of The Lord (Hyde Park 07-6-69) 6:16
409 Had To Cry Today (Goteborg, Sweden 18-6-69) 8:00
410 Means To An End (Hyde Park 07-6-69) 4:13
411 Do What You Like (Goteborg, Sweden 18-6-69) 19:48
412 Sunshine Of Your Love (San Antonio, TX 20-8-69) 6:18

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Ray Thomas - The Dreamer (A BF Anthology) (2019 Expanded)

The original comp (posted on a private forum where I subject its few members to my projects before they make it here) was posted almost two years ago and, stumbling on this recently, I thought I could do better. And I did. 40 minutes added, tracks upgraded and rarities added to it, and solo singles were added too. It came out really nice, the flow is better. When you stop to consider this is nearly all of his output, it's even more amazing. Ray was the whimsy in the MB. I think he prevented them from taking themselves too seriously. I invite you to take another look.

1 Ray Thomas From Mighty Oaks [7-75]
2 The Moody Blues The Dreamer [1970]
3 The Moody Blues It Ain't Necessarily So [7-65]
4 The Moody Blues The Morning [11-67]
5 The Moody Blues Twilight Time [11-67]
6 The Moody Blues Dr. Livingstone, I Presume (Live BBC) [7-68]
7 The Moody Blues Legend Of A Mind [7-68]
8 The Moody Blues Visions of Paradise (Instrumental Version) [7-68]
9 The Moody Blues Dear Diary (Alternate Vocal Mix) [4-69]
10 The Moody Blues Lazy Day (Quad Fold-Down) [4-69]
11 The Moody Blues Are You Sitting Comfortably (Live BBC 2) [4-69]
12 The Moody Blues Watching and Waiting [11-69]
13 The Moody Blues Floating [11-69]
14 The Moody Blues Eternity Road [11-69]
15 The Moody Blues And the Tide Rushes In [8-70]
16 The Moody Blues The Balance [8-70]
17 The Moody Blues Our Guessing Game [7-71]
18 The Moody Blues Nice to Be Here [7-71]
19 The Moody Blues For My Lady [11-72]
20 Ray Thomas High Above My Head (Quad Fold-Down) [7-75]
21 Ray Thomas Love Is The Key [7-75]
22 Ray Thomas Hey Mama Life [7-75]
23 Ray Thomas Adam And I [7-75]
24 Ray Thomas I Wish We Could Fly [7-75]
25 Ray Thomas One Night Stand [6-76]
26 Ray Thomas Carousel [6-76]
27 Ray Thomas Friends [6-76]
28 Ray Thomas Didn't I [6-76]
29 Ray Thomas Migration [6-76]
30 The Moody Blues I'm Your Man (Live in Seattle) [1979]
31 The Moody Blues Under Moonshine [6-78]
32 The Moody Blues Painted Smile [5-81]
33 The Moody Blues Reflective Smile [5-81]
34 The Moody Blues Veteran Cosmic Rocker [5-81]
35 The Moody Blues I Am [9-83]
36 The Moody Blues Sorry [9-83]
37 The Moody Blues Celtic Sonet [6-91]
38 The Moody Blues Never Blame The Rainbows For The Rain (BBC) [1991]
39 The Moody Blues My Little Lovely [8-99]
40 Ray Thomas The Trouble With Memories [2011]
41 Ray Thomas The Last Dream [6-76]
42 The Moody Blues 23rd Psalm (Olympic Studios) [7-64]

Ray Thomas - The Dreamer

Zippy Too!!

Friday, December 6, 2019


This was put together quickly to help the Wrecking Crew's Kickstarter campaign in late 2013.  PattiRules helped a lot with this and thanks to him. This project would have been impossible without his invaluable help. It's a fun compilation with good, hard-to-find and very rare holiday goodies.  Includes a poster too!

1 The Crystals - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (WC Edit)
2 Frank Sinatra - Whatever Happened To Christmas?
3 Wayne Newton - Jingle Bell Rock
4 The Partridge Family - My Christmas Card To You
5 The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride (WC Edit)
6 The Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song
7 Nancy Sinatra - Kids
8 Bobby Sherman - Love's What You're Gettin' For Christmas
9 The Ronettes - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
10 Dean Martin - Jingle Bells
11 Jan & Dean - Frosty (The Snowman)
12 Edd Kookie Byrnes - Yulesville
13 Paul Revere & The Raiders - Dear Mr. Claus
14 Soupy Sales - Santa Claus Is Surfin' To Town
15 Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
16 The Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick (WC Version)
17 The Carpenters - Merry Christmas Darling
18 The Partridge Family - Winter Wonderland
19 Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans - The Bells Of St. Mary
20 Simon & Garfunkel - A Hazy Shade Of Winter
21 Paul Revere & The Raiders - Rain, Sleet, Snow
22 Jackie DeShannon - Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?
23 Glen Campbell - Christmas Is For Children
24 Darlene Love - White Christmas
25 Nancy Sinatra - It's Such A Lonely Time Of Year
26 Dean Martin - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
27 Peggy Lee - Happy Holiday
28 Lou Chaney - Monster Holiday
29 The Crystals - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (WC Edit)