Sunday, December 22, 2019

Let's Get Stoned - A Tribute to Bobby Keys (2019 BF Update)

Back in 2014, I was feeling sad about the loss of Bobby Keys and thought I'd share a compilation that I made back then, recently updated in 2019 by adding 8 tracks and seriously tweaking the playlist. I added some of his solo recordings (which have never seen any kind of digital release) and another surprise in the playlist!  With the stuff added, there's enough of his artistry here to give a pretty clear idea of what an iconic player he really was.

It begins, perfectly enough, with a request from Bobby to get stoned and then moves on to a look at his not necessarily his best, but some of his most important early career sessions.  Following say, from track 10 through 16, is the pop Bobby Keys, finishing up with the deeper cuts and a closer look at the musician.  I hope you like it.

Dedicated to my cuz Frank, who long ago hipped me to much of this when I was too young and geeky - when that was a bad thing! Merry Christmas!

It's all tagged and @320. 250 megs, One hour forty-four minutes long.
01 Joe Cocker - Let's Go Get Stoned
02 Dion - The Wanderer
03 Bobby Keys - Honky Tonk
04 The Rolling Stones - Live With Me
05 Harry Nilsson - At My Front Door
06 George Harrison - Run Of The Mill
07 The Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia
08 Faces - Had Me A Real Good Time
09 Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Little Richard Medley
10 John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Through The Night
11 Ringo Starr - Photograph
12 Carly Simon - Mockingbird
13 Leo Sayer - More Than I Can Say
14 The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
15 George Harrison - Wah-Wah
16 Harry Nilsson - Down
17 Bobby Keys - Gimmie The Key (promo Disco Mix)
18 Van Dyke Parks - Tribute To Spree
19 Humble Pie - Big George
20 The Rolling Stones - Rip This Joint
21 The New Barbarians - F.U.C. Her
22 Eric Clapton - Slunky
23 Bobby Keys - Altar Rock
24 The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
25 Harry Nilsson - Rock Around The Clock




Mr. Baez said...

This looks great. Thank you very much for putting this together! As well as everything else that you have served up this past year. You definitely made this harsh year much sweeter to tolerate. I wish you and yours a beautiful 2020.

Rhodb said...

Thank you for the Bobby Keys compilation

Appreciate the time and effort in putting these together

Have a merry Xmas and a Happy new Year


Anonymous said...

Cheers! Happy Holidays to you! - Stinky

Anonymous said...

Great work here. Next update you might throw in some Joe Ely. Possibly "Cool Rockin' Loretta" from Live In Chicago 1987. Blows the roof off.

bk said...

interesting collections but for me other than what you have of the Stones stuff and the Bonnie & Delany track it was ALL about his magnificent solo album with its endless mystery---of writer credits alluding to sessions we never heard except there & the secret 2nd disc under the title of "Kids Now Days dont have no Fun" by his frequent partner in crime Jim Price. Both fantastic obscurites....and lastly -towards the end...when Bobby toured with the Stones he would book his own band Bobby Keys & The Suffering Bastards or "Tumbling Dice on off nights to great delight of his fans at least 5 of these shows are known to exist

bostig said...

Thanks for this collection. However, I miss some of his playing with the Joe Ely band and I can agree with the suggestion of Cool rockin' Loretta.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this nice compilation! It's good to see that there are others who appreciate the sidemen and women that usually don't get much more than a footnote. Nicky Hopkins is another example. They were so crucial and vital. Thanks for all the great things you do here!

Anonymous said...

what happened to the KHJ History ?