Saturday, December 14, 2019

Ray Thomas - The Dreamer (A BF Anthology) (2019 Expanded)

The original comp (posted on a private forum where I subject its few members to my projects before they make it here) was posted almost two years ago and, stumbling on this recently, I thought I could do better. And I did. 40 minutes added, tracks upgraded and rarities added to it, and solo singles were added too. It came out really nice, the flow is better. When you stop to consider this is nearly all of his output, it's even more amazing. Ray was the whimsy in the MB. I think he prevented them from taking themselves too seriously. I invite you to take another look.

1 Ray Thomas From Mighty Oaks [7-75]
2 The Moody Blues The Dreamer [1970]
3 The Moody Blues It Ain't Necessarily So [7-65]
4 The Moody Blues The Morning [11-67]
5 The Moody Blues Twilight Time [11-67]
6 The Moody Blues Dr. Livingstone, I Presume (Live BBC) [7-68]
7 The Moody Blues Legend Of A Mind [7-68]
8 The Moody Blues Visions of Paradise (Instrumental Version) [7-68]
9 The Moody Blues Dear Diary (Alternate Vocal Mix) [4-69]
10 The Moody Blues Lazy Day (Quad Fold-Down) [4-69]
11 The Moody Blues Are You Sitting Comfortably (Live BBC 2) [4-69]
12 The Moody Blues Watching and Waiting [11-69]
13 The Moody Blues Floating [11-69]
14 The Moody Blues Eternity Road [11-69]
15 The Moody Blues And the Tide Rushes In [8-70]
16 The Moody Blues The Balance [8-70]
17 The Moody Blues Our Guessing Game [7-71]
18 The Moody Blues Nice to Be Here [7-71]
19 The Moody Blues For My Lady [11-72]
20 Ray Thomas High Above My Head (Quad Fold-Down) [7-75]
21 Ray Thomas Love Is The Key [7-75]
22 Ray Thomas Hey Mama Life [7-75]
23 Ray Thomas Adam And I [7-75]
24 Ray Thomas I Wish We Could Fly [7-75]
25 Ray Thomas One Night Stand [6-76]
26 Ray Thomas Carousel [6-76]
27 Ray Thomas Friends [6-76]
28 Ray Thomas Didn't I [6-76]
29 Ray Thomas Migration [6-76]
30 The Moody Blues I'm Your Man (Live in Seattle) [1979]
31 The Moody Blues Under Moonshine [6-78]
32 The Moody Blues Painted Smile [5-81]
33 The Moody Blues Reflective Smile [5-81]
34 The Moody Blues Veteran Cosmic Rocker [5-81]
35 The Moody Blues I Am [9-83]
36 The Moody Blues Sorry [9-83]
37 The Moody Blues Celtic Sonet [6-91]
38 The Moody Blues Never Blame The Rainbows For The Rain (BBC) [1991]
39 The Moody Blues My Little Lovely [8-99]
40 Ray Thomas The Trouble With Memories [2011]
41 Ray Thomas The Last Dream [6-76]
42 The Moody Blues 23rd Psalm (Olympic Studios) [7-64]

Ray Thomas - The Dreamer

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Silvio said...

good selection...thanks...

Aging Child said...

Thanks for this one - I like Ray (RIP), and have long felt he's been underrecognized for his talents and his contribution to the Moodies' accomplishments. He was great and quite literally in the forefront when I caught him live with the band in '97. Thanks again!

Butterboy said...

Great Post BF.
Looking forward to this one too.

I was going to yell out to Aging Child about this post but He already knows :)

hotrodmike said...

Thanks a lot for this comp. A friend is a huge fan and will love it.

25thBeatle said...

Thanks for this collection...I always loved his From Mighty Oaks LP - never met another person who owned it :-)
When Ray's contributions to the body of The Moody Blues canon is separated and presented as in this 'solo' project it really helps to highlight how important Ray is to the history of The Moody Blues.

Thank you BF!

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Many thanks

zipper said...

Looks good...many thanks BF.

copacetic47 said...

Many, many thanks.