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Elton John - I'm Still Standing /The Complete UK-US Singles 1965-2020

Never in a million years did I think that I'd compile a set like this, but an odd turn of events lead me to this - I was upgrading my EJ collection when I found a nearly complete set of 45 needle drops along with later CD singles/EPs.  That and the fact my fiance was on an EJ binge led me to put this together.  Once finished, I found that most of it was quite a good listen and makes a pretty strong case that EJ is indeed more than just his 70's-80's hits and the occasional duet or soundtrack.  I hope that you'll give it a listen, especially the last four volumes.  It came out much better than expected.  There are a bunch of really rare and hard to find tracks here as well.  Elton should consider making one of his own. He deserves better than the endless repackages of the same old hits.

My rules for compiling this was about the same as last year's Bowie 52 Years set - all UK/US commercially released singles in the order of date with no duplication.  All songs needed to have active involvement from Elton - if he only played or sang backup, it wasn't included.  I did make some exceptions - some of the really early singles had his involvement because he was a band member, not a leader yet. Even in the few songs he doesn't sing on, you can hear what he was adding to the band. I really wanted to tell his complete story. It's all @320, 324 Tracks split into 15 CD-sized volumes, each tagged with original artwork.

Note: The early US Uni singles were mono, often with dedicated mixes. If I was able, I defaulted to those. Also, I'm guilty of creating a promo edit of Tiny Dancer. I prefer it. I hope you agree!

The later years became problematic as 45s went into CDs and especially when CDs went into downloads and back to vinyl.  Nevertheless, I tried to compile a collection that used all of the correct single versions and if a clean digital version wasn't available, I used needle drops.  Please let me know what you think and also please tell me if there is anything that is wrong or missing. I do plan to continue adding on the last volume and adding future volumes as his career progresses

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1965-71 (Disc 01)
1 Bluesology Come Back Baby (Mono Single Version) [1965]
2 Bluesology Getting Tougher Than Tough [1965]
3 Bluesology Mr. Frantic (Mono Single Version) [2-66]
4 Bluesology Everyday I Have the Blues (Mono Single Version) [2-66]
5 Elton John I've Been Loving You (Mono Single Version) [3-68]
6 Elton John Here's To The Next Time (Mono Single Version) [3-68]
7 Elton John Lady Samantha (Mono Single Version) [1-69]
8 Elton John It's Me That You Need (Mono Single Version) [1-69]
9 Bread & Beer Band Dick Barton Theme (The Devil's Gallop) (Mono Single Version) [2-69]
10 Bread & Beer Band Breakdown Blues (Mono Single Version) [2-69]
11 Elton John It's Me That You Need (Mono Single Version) [5-69]
12 Elton John Just Like Strange Rain (Mono Single Version) [5-69]
13 Elton John Border Song (Stereo Single Version) [3-70]
14 Elton John Bad Side Of The Moon (Stereo Single Version) [3-70]
15 Elton John From Denver To LA (Stereo Single Version) (5-70)
16 Elton John Rock And Roll Madonna (Stereo Single Version) [6-70]
17 Elton John Grey Seal (Stereo Single Version) [6-70]
18 Elton John Take Me To The Pilot (US Mono Single Version) [10-70]
18 Elton John Your Song (US Mono Single Version) [10-70]
19 Elton John Into The Old Man's Shoes (UK Stereo Single Version) [10-70]
21 Elton John Friends (Mono Single Version) [3-71]
22 Elton John Honey Roll (Mono Single Version) [3-71]
23 Mr Bloe 71-75 New Oxford (Mono Single Version) [6-71]
24 Mr Bloe Get Out (Mono Single Version) [6-71]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1971-73 (Disc 02)
25 Elton John Levon (Mono Single Version) [12-71]
26 Elton John Goodbye (Mono Single Version) [12-71]
27 Elton John Tiny Dancer (US Stereo Promo Short Version) (BF Edit) [2-72]
28 Elton John Razor Face (Stereo) [2-72]
29 Elton John Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time) (Stereo) [3-72]
30 Elton John Susie (Dramas) (Stereo US B-Side) [3-72]
31 Elton John Holiday Inn (Stereo UK B-Side) [3-72]
32 Elton John Honky Cat (Stereo) [7-72]
33 Elton John Slave (Stereo) [7-72]
34 Elton John Crocodile Rock (Stereo) [10-72]
35 Elton John Elderberry Wine (Stereo) [10-72]
36 Elton John Daniel (Stereo) [1-73]
37 Elton John Skyline Pigeon (Stereo) [1-73]
38 Elton John Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Stereo) [7-73]
39 Elton John Jack Rabbit (Stereo) [7-73]
40 Elton John Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again) (Stereo) [7-73]
41 Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Stereo) [10-73]
42 Elton John Screw You (Young Man's Blues) (Stereo) [10-73]
43 Elton John Step Into Christmas (Stereo) [11-73]
44 Elton John Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas) (Stereo) [11-73]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1974-75 (Disc 03)
45 Elton John Candle in the Wind [2-74]
46 Elton John Bennie and the Jets [2-74]
47 Elton John Harmony [2-74]
48 Elton John Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me [5-74]
49 Elton John Sick City [5-74]
50 Elton John The Bitch Is Back [9-74]
51 Elton John Cold Highway [9-74]
52 John Lennon with the Plastic Ono Nuclear Band Whatever Gets You Through The Night [9-74]
53 Elton John Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Single Version) [11-74]
54 Elton John One Day At A Time [11-74]
55 The Elton John Band Philadelphia Freedom [2-75]
56 The Elton John Band Featuring John Lennon And The Muscle Shoals Horns I Saw Her Standing There [2-75]
57 Elton John Someone Saved My Life Tonight [6-75]
58 Elton John House of Cards [6-75]
59 Elton John Island Girl [9-75]
60 Elton John Sugar On The Floor [9-75]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1976-77 (Disc 04)
61 Elton John Grow Some Funk Of Your Own [1-76]
62 Elton John I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford) [1-76]
63 Elton John Pinball Wizard [3-76]
64 Elton John Love Song (with Lesley Duncan) (Promo Short Edit) [4-76]
65 Elton John & Kiki Dee Don't Go Breaking My Heart [7-76]
66 Elton John & Kiki Dee Snow Queen [7-76]
67 Elton John Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word [11-76]
68 Elton John Shoulder Holster [11-76]
69 Elton John Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance) (45 Edit) [1-77]
70 Elton John Chameleon [1-77]
71 Elton John Crazy Water [2-77]
72 Elton John The Goaldiggers Song [4-77]
73 Elton John Jimmy, Brian, Elton & Eric [4-77]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1978-80 (Disc 05)
74 Elton John Ego [4-78]
75 Elton John Flinstone Boy [4-78]
76 Elton John Part-Time Love [11-78]
77 Elton John I Cry at Night [11-78]
78 Elton John Song For Guy [45 Edit 11-78]
79 Elton John Lovesick [11-78]
80 Elton John Are You Ready For Love (Part 1) [4-79]
81 Elton John Are You Ready For Love (Part 2) [4-79]
82 Elton John Mama Can't Buy You Love [5-79]
83 Elton John Three Way Love Affair [5-79]
84 Elton John Victim Of Love (UK Single Version) [7-79]
85 Elton John Strangers [7-79]
86 Elton John Johnny B.Goode (Sinjgle Edit) [12-79]
87 Elton John Georgia [12-79]
88 Elton John Thunder in the Night (Single Edit) [12-79]
89 Elton John Little Jeannie [4-80]
90 Elton John Conquer The Sun [4-80]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1980-81 (Disc 06)
91 Elton John Sartorial Eloquence [7-80]
92 Elton John White Man Danger [7-80]
93 Elton John Cartier [7-80]
94 Elton John & France Gail Les Aveaux [10-80]
95 Elton John & France Gall Donner Pour Donner [10-80]
96 Elton John Dear God [11-80]
97 Elton John Tactics [11-80]
98 Elton John Band with John Lennon I Saw Her Standing There (Live) [3-81]
99 Elton John Band with John Lennon Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Live) [3-81]
100 Elton John Band with John Lennon Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Live) [3-81]
101 Elton John Nobody Wins [4-81]
102 Elton John Fools In Fashion [4-81]
103 Elton John Just Like Belgium [7-81]
104 Elton John Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You [7-81]
105 Elton John Chloe [7-81]
106 Elton John Tortured [7-81]
107 Elton John & Kiki Dee Loving You is Sweeter Than Ever (Single Version) [11-81]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1982-83 (Disc 07)
108 Elton John Blue Eyes [3-82]
109 Elton John Hey Papa Legba [3-82]
110 Elton John Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) (Single Edit) [5-82]
111 Elton John Take Me Down To The Ocean [3-82]
112 Elton John Princess (Single Edit) [9-82]
113 Elton John The Retreat [9-82]
114 Elton John All Quiet On The Western Front (45 Edit) [11-82]
115 Elton John Ball & Chain (45 Edit) [11-82]
116 Elton John Where Have The Good Times Gone (Remix) [11-82]
117 Elton John I'm Still Standing [4-83]
118 Elton John Love So Cold [4-83]
119 Elton John I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues [4-83]
120 Lord Choc Ice Choc Ice Goes Mental [4-83]
121 Elton John I'm Still Standing (UK Extended Version) [7-83]
122 Lord Choc Ice Earn While You Learn [7-83]
123 Elton John Kiss The Bride (Single Edit) [10-83]
124 Elton John Dreamboat (Single Edit) [10-83]
125 Elton John Cold As Christmas (In the Middle of the Year) [11-83]
126 Elton John Crystal [11-83]
127 Elton John Sad Songs (Say So Much) (Single Version) [5-84]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1984-85 (Disc 08)
128 Elton John A Simple Man [5-84]
129 Elton John Passengers (Remix) [8-84]
130 Elton John Lonely Boy (Previously Unreleased) [8-84]
131 Elton John Who Wears These Shoes? (New Edited Version) [10-84]
132 Elton John Tortured (Previously Unavailable) [10-84]
133 Elton John In Neon [11-84]
134 Elton John Tactics [11-84]
135 Elton John Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used to Be) [2-85]
136 Elton John & Millie Jackson Act Of War Part One (Single Remix) [6-84]
137 Elton John & Millie Jackson Act Of War Part 2 [6-84]
138 Elton John Nikita (Single Version) [9-85]
139 Elton John The Man Who Never Died [9-85]
140 Dionne Warwick / Elton John / Gladys Knight / Stevie Wonder That's What Friends Are For [10-85]
141 Elton John Wrap Her Up (Single Version) [11-85]
142 Elton John Restless (Live) [11-85]
143 Elton John Too Low For Zero (live at Wembley Stadium, 1984) [11-85]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1986-88 (Disc 09)
144 Elton John Cry To Heaven (Single Edit) [2-86]
145 Elton John Candy By The Pound [2-86]
146 Elton John Heartache All Over The World [9-86]
147 Elton John Highlander [9-86]
148 Elton John & Cliff Richard Slow Rivers [11-86]
149 Elton John Billy And The Kids [11-86]
150 Elton John Lord Of The Flies [11-86]
151 Jennifer Rush & Elton John Flames Of Paradise [5-87]
152 Elton John Your Song (live) [9-87]
153 Elton John Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live) [9-87]
154 Elton John Candle In The Wind (live) [10-87]
155 Elton John Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (live) [10-87]
156 Elton John Take Me To The Pilot (live Single Edit) [5-88]
157 Elton John Tonight (live Single Edit) [2-88]
158 Elton John I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That [5-88]
159 Elton John Rope Around a Fool [5-88]
160 Elton John Town of Plenty [8-88]
161 Elton John Whipping Boy [8-88]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1988-92 (Disc 10)
162 Elton John A Word In Spanish [9-88]
163 Elton John Heavy Traffic [9-88]
164 Aretha Franklin & Elton John Through The Storm [4-89]
165 Elton John Healing Hands (7'' Version) [8-89]
166 Elton John Dancing in the End Zone [8-89]
167 Elton John Sacrifice [10-89]
168 Elton John Love Is a Cannibal  [10-89]
169 Elton John Club At The End Of The Street (US Single Version) [4-90]
170 Elton John Give Peace A Chance [4-90]
171 Elton John You Gotta Love Someone [10-90]
172 Elton John Medicine Man [10-90]
173 Elton John Easier To Walk Away [12-90]
174 Elton John I Swear I Heard The Night Talking [12-90]
175 Elton John & George Michael Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me [11-91]
176 Elton John The One [5-92]
177 Elton John Suit of Wolves [5-92]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1992-95 (Disc 11)
178 Elton John & Eric Clapton Runaway Train [7-92]
179 Elton John Understanding Women (Extended Remix) [7-92]
180 Elton John The Last Song [10-92]
181 Elton John The Man Who Never Died (Remix) [10-92]
182 Elton John Simple Life (Edit) [3-93]
183 Elton John The North [3-93]
184 Elton John & Kiki Dee True Love [11-93]
185 Elton John The Show Must Go On (Recorded live at Wembley, London 1992) [11-93]
186 Elton John & RuPaul Don't Go Breaking My Heart [2-94]
187 Elton John & Marcella Detroit Ain't Nothing But The Real Thing [5-94]
188 Elton John Can You Feel The Love Tonight [6-94]
189 Elton John Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Instrumental) [6-94]
190 Elton John Circle of Life [8-94]
191 Elton John Believe [2-95]
192 Elton John The One (Live) [2-95]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1996-98 (Disc 12)
193 Elton John Made In England (Edit) [5-95]
194 Elton John Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Live -1974) (1995 Remix) [5-95]
195 Elton John Blessed [1995]
196 Elton John Latitude [1995]
197 Elton John Please [1996]
198 Elton John & Luciano Pavarotti Live Like Horses (Studio Version) [12-96]
199 Elton John & Luciano Pavarotti Live Like Horses (Live Finale Version) [12-96]
200 Elton John You Can Make History (Young Again) [10-96]
201 Elton John Something About The Way You Look Tonight [9-97]
202 Elton John No Valentines [9-97]
203 Elton John I Know Why I'm In Love [9-97]
204 Elton John Candle In The Wind 1997 [9-97]
205 Elton John Recover Your Soul (single remix) [4-98]
206 Elton John Big Man In A Little Suit [4-98]
207 Elton John I Know Why I'm In Love [4-98]
208 Elton John If The River Can Bend (BF Single Edit) [1998]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 1999-04 (Disc 13)
209 Elton John and LeAnn Rimes Written In The Stars [2-99]
210 Elton John, Heather Headley and Sherrie Scott A Step Too Far [1999]
211 Elton John Someday Out Of The Blue (Theme From El Dorado) [2000]
212 Elton John Friends Never Say Goodbye [2000]
213 Elton John I Want Love [2001]
214 Elton John The North Star [2001]
215 Elton John This Train Don't Stop There Anymore  [2001]
216 Elton John Did Anybody Sleep With Joan Of Arc [2001]
217 Elton John Original Sin [4-02]
218 Elton John & Alessandro Safina Your Song [2002]
219 Elton John Your Song (instrumental) [2002]
220 Elton John Are You Ready For Love (Radio Edit) [2003]
221 Elton John Three Way Love Affair [2003]
222 Elton John The Heart Of Every Girl [2003]
223 Elton John All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful) [2004]
224 Elton John Nice And Slow [2004]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 2005-13 (Disc 14)
225 Elton John Turn The Lights Out When You Leave (Radio Edit) [2005]
226 Elton John Things Only Get Better With Love [2005]
227 Elton John Electricity [7-05]
228 Elton John Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance) (Live '04) [2005]
229 Elton John The Bridge [2006]
230 Pet Shop Boys feat. Elton John In Private (Tomcraft 7'' Mix) [7-2006]
231 Elton John Tinderbox [2006]
232 The Killers feat. Elton John & Neil Tennant Joseph, Better You Than Me [12-08]
233 Ironik feat. Chipmunk & Elton John Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) (Radio Edit) [2009]
234 Elton John & Leon Russel Hey Ahab [10-10]
235 Elton John & Leon Russel If It Wasn't For Bad [10-10]
236 Elton John & Leon Russel A Dream Come True [10-10]
237 Elton John vs Pnau Sad [2012]
238 Elton John vs Pnau Good Morning To The Night [2012]
239 Elton John Home Again [2013]
240 Elton John Can't Stay Alone Tonight [2013]

I'm Still Standing: The Complete UK/US Singles 2015-20 (Disc 15)
241 Elton John Mexican Vacation (Kids In the Candelelight) [2014]
242 Elton John Voyeur [2014]
243 Bright Light Bright Light and Elton John I Wish We Were Leaving (Promo Single) [2014]
244 Elton John Wonderful Crazy Night [2015]
245 Elton John Looking Up (Promo Single) [2015]
246 Elton John Blue Wonderful [2015]
247 Bright Light Bright Light feat. Elton John Symmetry Of Two Hearts [2016]
248 Elton John A Good Heart [2016]
249 Elton John In the Name of You [2016]
250 Elton John & Jack White 2 Fingers Of Whiskey [2017]
251 Bright Light Bright Light feat. Elton John Running Back to You (Junotrix Remix) [Radio Edit] [2017]
252 Elton John & Taron Egerton (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again [2019]
253 Elton John Never Too Late [7-19]
254 Ozzy Osbourne (Feat. Elton John) Ordinary Man [1-20]

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Parts 6-7  Yandex

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Parts 10-11-12 Yandex

Parts 13-14-15 Yandex

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Jethro Tull - With You There To Help Me: The Singles and EPs 1967-99

     Another Tull compilation? There have been too damn many box sets and greatest hits collections that recycle the same material. Further, with the Steven Wilson deluxe reissues they take a deep dive into each album. Sometimes it seems too deep, at least for me. This collection evens out both and creates an even-handed view of their career through 1999, including some material that even Steven Wilson missed. By putting the focus on the singles and EPs, Ian Anderson's and Jethro Tull's career comes into perspective.

This comp may actually "wind-up" in Ian's hands: I scored front row tix for Mr. Anderson and his current crew and I hope to share this with him via a flash drive after the show. The last time I saw him was 3 of the 4 nights they played at the Forum during the Passion Play tour in '73. I celebrated by taking different drugs each night I went. Those were the days!

So, I really tried to get the actual single mixes/edits and when I couldn't, I researched and did the best I could to recreate them. you'd think that with the Steven Wilson reissues, it'd be easy to find them all, but that definitely wasn't the case. So when you see these as "BF Edit or some such with "BF" in it, I had to get creative. When the comp enters the CD era, I included all of those tracks included on the CD Eps.  Is it too long? Did I forget anything? Please let me know what you think! All @320 with original labels/sleeves embedded! I also went through and put stars [**] next to the tracks that are not currently commercially available on CD.

Please note on 15 February part three (only), has been upgraded with 2 tracks and added ten more total added. Thanks a bunch Colin!

Dedicated to my old friend James Thomas!

1 Sunshine Day (UK Mono Single Version) [2-68]
2 Aeroplane (UK Mono Single Version) [2-68]
3 A Song for Jeffrey (UK Mono Single Version) [9-68]
4 One for John Gee (UK Mono Single Version) [9-68]
5 Love Story (UK Mono Single Version) [11-68]
6 A Christmas Song (UK Mono Single Version) [11-68]
7 Living In The Past (UK Mono Single Version) [5-69]
8 Driving Song (UK Mono Single Version) [5-69]
9 Bouree (Netherlands Single) [10-69]
10 Look Into The Sun (Netherlands Single) [10-69]
11 Sweet Dream (UK Mono Single Version) [10-69]
12 17 (UK Mono Single Version) [10-69] **
13 Back To The Family (US Sweet Dream Mono Single B-Side) [1-70]
14 The Teacher (UK Mono Single Version) [1-70]
15 The Witch's Promise (Mono Euro Single Version) [1-70]
16 Inside (UK Mono Single Edit) [5-70]
17 Alive And Well And Living In (UK Mono Single Version) [5-70]
18 Teacher (US Single Version Not Speed Corrected) [3-70] **
19 A Time For Everything (US Inside Mono B-Side) [6-70] **
20 Lick Your Fingers Clean (Withdrawn UK Single) [1971]
21 Up To Me (Withdrawn UK Single) [1971]
22 Hymn 43 (US Mono Single) [6-71] **
23 Mother Goose (US Mono Single) [6-71] **
24 Locomotive Breath (US Single Version BF Edit) [12-71] **
25 Wind-Up (US Single Version BF Edit) [12-71] **
26 Life Is A Long Song (UK EP) [9-71]
27 Up The 'Pool (UK EP) [9-71]
28 Dr. Bogenbroom (UK EP) [9-71]
29 For Later (UK EP) [9-71]
30 Nursie (UK EP) [9-71]
31 Living In The Past (US Stereo Single) [10-72]
32 Christmas Song (US Stereo Single) [10-72]
33 Thick As A Brick (Part One) (French Single Edit) [1972] **
34 Thick As A Brick (Part Two) (French Single Edit) [1972]
35 A Passion Play (Edit 8) (US Single Edit) [4-73] **
36 A Passion Play (Edit 9) (US Single Version) [4-73] **
37 A Passion Play (Edit 10) (US Single Edit) [9-73] **
38 A Passion Play (Edit 6) (US Single Edit) [9-73] **
39 Bungle In The Jungle (US/UK Single) [9-74]
40 Back-Door Angels (US/UK Single) [9-74]
41 Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day (US Single Edit) [2-75]
42 Sealion (US Single) [2-75]
43 Minstrel In The Gallery (US/UK Single Edit) [8-75]
44 Summerday Sands (US/UK Single) [8-75]
45 Requiem (UK Living In The Past B-Side) [1-76]
46 Too Old To Rock'n'Roll Too Young To Die (Edited Version) (US Single) [4-76] **
47 Bad-Eyed And Loveless (US Single B-Side) [4-76]
48 Rainbow Blues (UK Single B-Side) [3-76]
49 Ring Out, Solstice Bells (UK EP) [11-76]
50 March, The Mad Scientist (UK EP) [11-76]
51 Pan Dance (UK EP) [11-76]
52 The Whistler (UK/US Single) [2-77]
53 Strip Cartoon (UK/US Single) [2-77]
54 Moths (UK Single) [3-78]
55 Beltane (UK Single Withdrawn) [3-78]
56 A Stitch In Time (UK Long Single Version) [10-78]
57 Sweet Dream (Live) (UK BF Single Edit) [10-78] **
58 North Sea Oil (UK Single) [10-79]
59 Elegy (UK Single) [10-79]
60 Home (US Single) [1979]
61 Warm Sporran (US Single) [1979]
62 King Henry's Madrigal (UK Single B-Side) [10-79]
63 Working John, Working Joe (UK Single BF Edit) [10-80] **
64 Fylingdale Flyer (UK Single) [10-80]
65 Fallen On Hard Times (UK Single) [5-82]
66 Broadsword (UK Single BF Edit) [5-82] **
67 Watching Me Watching You (German B-Side) [4-82]
68 Pussy Willow (UK Single B-Side) [7-82}
69 Beastie (German B-Side) [9-82]
70 Fly By Night [11-83]
71 End Game (UK Single) [11-83]
72 Lap Of Luxury (UK Single) [9-84]
73 Astronomy (UK Single) [9-84]
74 Bouree (US Single BF Edit) [1985] **
75 Elegy (US Single) [1985]
76 Coronach (UK Single) [6-86]
77 Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow (UK Single) [6-86]
78 Steel Monkey (UK/US Single) [9-87]
79 Down At The End Of Your Road (UK/US Single) [9-87]
80 Said She Was A Dancer (UK Single) [1-88]
81 Dogs In The Midwinter (UK Single BF Edit) [1-88] **
82 Thick As A Brick (US Live Promo Version BF Edit) [1988] **
83 Stormy Monday Blues (Part Of The Machine CD EP) [1989]
84 Minstrel In The Gallery (Part Of The Machine CD EP) [1989]
85 Farm On The Freeway (Part Of The Machine CD EP) [1989]
86 Part Of The Machine (Edit) (Part Of The Machine CD EP) [1989] **
87 Kissing Willie (German Single) [1989]
88 Heavy Water (German Single) [1989]
89 Another Christmas Song (UK Another Christmas CD EP) [1989]
90 Christmas Song (UK Another Christmas CD EP) [1989]
91 Cheap Day Return / Mother Goose (UK Another Christmas CD EP) [1989]
92 Locomotive Breath (UK Another Christmas CD EP) [1989]
93 This Is Not Love (UK CD Single) [8-91]
94 Night In The Wilderness (UK CD Single) [8-91]
95 Jump Start (Live) (UK CD Single) [8-91]
96 Still Loving You Tonight (Euro CD Single) [9-91]
97 Rocks On The Road (Album Version) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #1) [3-92]
98 Jack A Lynn (Home Demo, 1981) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #1) [3-92] **
99 Tall Thin Girl (Recorded At WMMR FM, Philadelphia, August 21, 1991) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #1) [3-92] **
100 Fat Man (Live On Rockline, KLOS-FM, Los Angeles, August 26, 1991) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #1) [3-92] **
101 Rocks On The Road (Recorded At WMMR FM, Philadelphia, August 21, 1991) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #2) [3-92]
102 Bouree (Recorded At WMMR FM, Philadelphia, August 21, 1991) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #2) [3-92] **
103 Mother Goose - Jack-A-Lynn (Live In New York , NBC TV Studios, August 20, 1991) **
104 Aqualung - Locomotive Breath (Live In New York , NBC TV Studios, August 20, 1991) (Rocks On The Road CD EP #2) [3-92] **
105 A Christmas Song (Live In Isreal) (US Promo) [1992
106 Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You (UK Promo) [1992]
107 Living In The Past (UK Promo) [1992]
108 Hard Liner (US B-side) [1993]
109 In The Moneylender's Temple (US Promo EP) [1995]
110 In The Pay Of Spain (US Promo EP) [1995]
111 In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff (US Promo EP) [1995]
112 In Sight Of The Minaret (US Promo EP) [1995]
113 Living In The (Slightly More Recent) Past (Live) (UK CD EP] [1993] **
114 Silver River Turning (UK CD EP] [1993]
115 Rosa On The Factory Floor (UK CD EP] [1993]
116 I Don't Want To Be Me (UK CD EP] [1993]
117 Truck Stop Runner (UK CD EP] [1993]
118 Piece Of Cake (UK CD EP] [1993]
119 Man Of Principle (UK CD EP] [1993]
120 Rare And Precious Chain (UK Promo CD) [1995]
121 This Free Will (UK Promo CD) [1995]
122 Roots To Branches (US Promo CD) [1995]
123 Beside Myself (US Promo CD) [1995]
124 Bends Like A Willow [Edit] (UK CD Single) [12-99]
125 Dot Com [Edit] (UK CD Single) [12-99] **
126 It All Trickles Down (UK CD Single) [12-99] **
127 Spiral (US Single) [1999]
128 Wicked Windows (US Single) [1999]

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:
Zippy (Revised 15 Feb)
Yandex (Revised 15 Feb)

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Bob D*Y*L*A*N - Judas! (The Complete 1965-66 Recordings) Part Five

Finishing up the set are the last five parts, including the very end of the UK tour, Blond On Blond, the final singles (with correct mixes/edits) and ending with a surprise,  a decent copy of the Eat The Document film. Note about G(oogle)-Drive: if you choose this option, you'll need to unzip it twice. This was necessary to keep the links active.

Once again, if you have any material to add, please share it.  If there are any errors, let me know in comments and I'll get them fixed ASAP. For you Dylanologists (almost reads like gynecologist, doesn't it?) out there, thanks for your understanding and support for this set.

Dedicated to my son Derek, who caused me to reexamine and renew my appreciation of Bob.

Part Twenty-Five:
19660520 - Edinburgh [SNB]
19660521 - Newcastle [SNB]
19660523 - Press Conference Paris

Part Twenty-Six:
19660524 - Paris [SNB]
19660526 - London [CBS]

Part Twenty- Seven:
19660527 - London [CBS]
196604xx05xx - Eat The Document Soundtrack
19660610 - US Single Columbia 4-43683

Part Twenty- Eight:
19660620 - US LP Blond On Blond COL C2L-41 [Mono/Stereo]

Part Twenty- Nine:
19660818 - US Single Columbia 4-43792
19670115 - Dutch Single CBS 2921
19670424 - US Single Columbia 4-44069
ART - Articles

Part Thirty:
Eat The Document (Complete Film)
NO Zippy - too large!

BTW, you might be interested in my deluxe expanded edition of Bob's Side Tracks HERE

Monday, February 3, 2020

Bob D*Y*L*A*N - Judas! (The Complete 1965-66 Recordings) Part Four

This seems like a good time to remind that Judas! is both an archive and something to be enjoyed without the difficulty/annoyance of having to search for and change discs. If you want to choose your Dylan concerts/sessions while on a long drive or having a BBQ here it is. I believe Judas! to be virtually complete today. But tomorrow it might not be. This is why Willard was willing to dedicate a separate Wormhole to this project before he closed up shop. If you have an upgrade or something missing (of musical value - Joan Baez singing while Dylan types doesn't count. Nor does hearing his harmonica playing in the background while someone else is being interviewed) please share. FLAC, WAV or 320 is preferred. Once I receive it, I will convert, tag the file to match the rest of the collection, and post the update/upgrade as a separate post.

Furthermore, when it comes to music, I consider myself knowledgeable but definitely not an expert. Dylan especially. The benefits (for me) of putting together these collections are researching, exploring learning and then sharing. If you find an error or omission - or even better yet something to add - please share.

PS Goggle drive links added!

Part Nineteen:
19660420 - Melbourne [SNB]
19660421 - Interview R. Caldwell Adelaide
19660428 - Press Conference Stockholm
19660429 - Stockholm [AUD]
19660501 - Copenhagen [SNB]
19660503 - Press Conference

Part Twenty
19660505 -Adelphi Theatre, Dublin Ireland [SNB]
19660506 - Belfast [SNB]

Part Twenty-One
19660510 - Colston Hall Bristol [SNB]
19660511 - Cardiff [SNB]

Part Twenty-Two
19660512 - Birmingham [SNB]
19660513 - North British Station Hotel Glasgow
19660514 - Liverpool [SNB]

Part Twenty-Three
19660515 - Leicester [SNB]
19660516 - Sheffield [CBS-SNB]

Part Twenty-Four
19660517 - Manchester [CBS]
19660519 - Glasgow [SNB]
19660519-20 - Hotel Room Recordings Glasgow

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Bob D*Y*L*A*N - Judas! (The Complete 1965-66 Recordings) Part Three

Part Thirteen:
19651212 - Civic Auditorium, San Jose [AUD]
19651217 - Press Conference  Los Angeles
19651221 - US Single Columbia  4-43477
19660121 - Session 03 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde

Part Fourteen:
19660125 - Session 04 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660126 - WBAI-FM Studios, NY, The Bob Fass Radio Show
19660127 - Session 05 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde

Part Fifteen:
19660205 - Westchester County Center White Plains NY [AUD]
19660206 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh PA [AUD]
19660214 - Session 06 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660214 - US Single Columbia 4-43541
19660215 - Session 07 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde

Part Sixteen:
19660216 - Session 08 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660217 - Session 09 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660220 - Interview With M. Bronstein Montreal
19660226 - Island Gardens, Hempstead, NY [AUD]
19660307 - Session 10 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde

Part Seventeen:
19660308 - Session 11 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660309 - Session 12 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660310 - Session 13 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19660312 - Denver CO. Hotel Room Recordings
19660324 - US Single Columbia 4-43592

Part Eighteen:
19660413 - Sydney Stadium Sydney [SNB]
19660419 - Melbourne [AUD]

Bob D*Y*L*A*N - Judas! (The Complete 1965-66 Recordings) Part Two

Here are some useful sites that helped keep me on track while compiling Judas! This one was fairly straightforward and I used this the most: Still On The Road. Best for finding other info during research:  And of course, what I think is the most complete, but I found it unwieldy if I needed quick info: Searching for a Gem

Part Seven:
19650616 - Session 2 (of 6) for Highway 61 Revisited
19650720 - US Single Columbia 4-43346
19650724-25 - Newport Folk Festival [SNB]
19650729 - Session 3 (of 6) for Highway 61 Revisited

Part Eight:
19650730 - Session 4 (of 6) for Highway 61 Revisited
19650802 - Session 5 (of 6) for Highway 61 Revisited
19650803 - Overdub Session
19650804 - Session 6 (of 6) for Highway 61 Revisited (Date revised!)

Part Nine:
19650828 - Forest Hills Queens NY [AUD]
19650830 - US LP Highway 61 Revisited COL 2389 [Mono and Stereo]

Part Ten:
19650903 - Hollywood Bowl [SNB]
19650907 - US Single Columbia  4-43389
19651000- New York Nat Hentoff Interview
19651005 - Session 01 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19651029 - Back Bay Theater Boston October 29 or 31 [AUD]

Part Eleven:
19651030 - Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford [AUD]
19651130 - Session 02 (of 13) for Blonde On Blonde
19651204 - Berkeley Community Theatre [AUD]

Part Twelve
19651211 - Masonic Memorial Temple, San Francisco (Aud)

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bob D*Y*L*A*N - Judas! (The Complete 1965-66 Recordings) Part One

So here it finally is, after three 1/2 years! To call this project a bitch would be a HUGE understatement. the lion's share of the work was done in late 2016 and a beta version was released in February 2017 in a small private forum. I was missing a few single edits to complete the set and finally got them a few months ago while working on the KHJ series.

My original idea was simply to arrange The Cutting Edge with Live 1966 so that these would work together and also to put all the sessions/concerts in a folder each. But as I started working I decided the only way to do it correctly was to include all of the 1965 copyright set ............ and Great Danes's 15-disc 1965 Revisited ...... and Vigotone's 26 disc Jewels and Binoculars and Crawling On The Cutting Room Floor. That wasn't enough - I added in all of the singles (in original 45 versions!) and the three LPs in mono and stereo, including known alternate mixes. This is the (damn near) complete Great White Wonder in proper context, in order, as complete as possible, in the best possible quality (for 320) and without having all of that annoying trouble of searching through multiple discs/volumes to get a complete session or show. In fact, many studio sessions have slates, count-ins, and endings restored that were not even included on The Cutting Edge!

1225 tracks. 85 hours. Over 11 and a half gigs. Every concert, studio recording, demo, private recording and interview that exists.  As you could imagine, some of this was a tough slog. Every track has to be individually re-tagged by hand. There are no track numbers. No worries though, it will load and play in the correct order. A small portion of the material is NOT 320 (1965 Revisited) but it's mostly interviews or other non-musical stuff. No big whoop. Going back through it in 2020, I fixed some errors/omissions, did some upgrades, tagged each track with the original source cover art. It's all spruced up!

As new performances are discovered and when I get them, I will post updates to this set so they fit in with the rest of the set.

That said, I can now finally share it all with you. But first, let me explain about the track/file numbers:

19650308-01 - Subterranean Homesick Blues [Mono Single Edit]
[year][month][date][-order][-track title]

[SNB]= Soundboard recording taken directly from the mixing board.
[AUD]= Audience recording.
[CBS]= Professional multi-track recording of a live show.

I'm going to divide this into (probably) 5 posts, because of its size. There are 30 parts in total. Inside the first part is a text file with the complete contents.

Part One:
19650113 - Session 1 (of 3) for Bringing It All Back Home
19650114 - Session 2 (of 3) for Bringing It All Back Home
19650115 - Session 3 (of 3) for Bringing It All Back Home
19650217 - Les Crane Show, WABC-TV New York

Part Two:
19650308 - US Single Columbia  4-43242
19650322 - US LP Bringing It All Back Home COL 2328 (Mono-Stereo)
19650327 - Santa Monica Civic Auditorium {AUD}

Part Three:
19650426 - London Airport Arrival (Don't Look Back)
19650430 - Live at The Oval Sheffield  [SNB]
19650501 - The Odeon Liverpool [SNB]
19650502 - De Montfort Hall, Leicester [SNB]

Part Four:
19650504 - Savoy Hotel, London
19650505- Town Hall, Birmingham [SNB]
19650506 - City Hall, Newcastle [SNB]

Part Five:
19650507 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester [SNB]
19650508 - Savoy Hotel, London
19650509 - Royal Albert Hall, London [AUD]

Part Six:
19650510 - Royal Albert Hall, London [SNB]
19650512 - Levy Recording Studio (London)
19650521 - Studio Overdub Session
19650601 - BBC London
19650604 - UK Single CBS 1871
19650615 - Session 1 (of 6) for Highway 61 Revisited