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Bob - Side Tracks (Deluxe Expanded BF Edition)

Earlier this week, while I was filling in some holes/upgrading my Dylan collection when I just stumbled on this Wikipedia page that listed the songs missing from Side Tracks, the 2CD/3LP set that was issued with 2012's Complete Album Collection's  Missing Songs.  I thought this would be quick and simple, but when dealing with The Bard's discography, it's never that simple.  The first attempt had only the added songs from the Wiki page, and 1978's Renaldo and Clara 12" promo. Looking deeper, that wasn't going to cut it.

This version, though, comes much closer to doing the intended job. So the idea here is to collect ALL of the Bard's commercially released recordings through 2012 that has never made it onto an LP/CD, and put it together in a way that is interesting, instructive, and listenable. Mix variations, single edits, session work, duets on other artist's records, and, most importantly, anything that had to do with the Bootleg series was not part of this project. 

This is part one, now 60 tracks and divided out to four CDs, all tagged with original covers. I haven't given it all a spin yet, but the lineup looks both playable and relatively complete. Virtually all is @320. 

BTW, "**" means this is a track not originally included on Side Tracks. 

One more thing - I'm not anywhere near an expert on Bob. There could be some oversights. Should you notice any (that fit within the parameters above), please let me know! 

Side Tracks Disc 1 (Deluxe BF Edition)
1 Baby, I'm In The Mood For You (1962 Out Take) [Biograph] 2:57
2 Mixed-Up Confusion (1962 Single A-Side) [Stereo - Biograph] 2:24
3 Corinna, Corinna (1962 Mono Single B-Side)** 2:35
4 House Of The Rising Sun (1995 Highway 61 Interactive)** 2:41
5 Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Live April 12, 1963, NYC) [Greatest Hits Vol. II] 3:04
6 Lay Down Your Weary Tune (1963 Out Take) [Biograph] 4:38
7 Percy's Song (1963 Out Take) [Biograph] 7:43
8 I'll Keep It With Mine (1965 Out Take) [Biograph] 3:46
9 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (1965 Withdrawn 'Positively 4th Street' Single Version)** 3:50
10 Positively 4th Street (1965 Single A-Side) [Stereo Greatest Hits] 4:11
11 Jet Pilot (1965 Out Take) [Biograph] 0:51
12 I Wanna Be Your Lover (1965 Out Take) [Biograph] 3:28
13 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window  (1965 Single A-Side) [Mono Biograph] 3:34
14 I Don't Believe You (1966 Live) [Biograph] 5:20
15 Visions Of Johanna (1966 Live) [Biograph] 7:31
16 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Live In Liverpool) (1966 Single B-Side)** 5:42
17 If You Gotta Go Go Now (1967 European Single)** 2:32

Side Tracks Disc 2 (Deluxe BF Edition)
18 Quinn The Eskimo (1967 Unreleased Version) [Biograph] 2:19
19 Watching The River Flow (1970 Single A-Side) 3:36
20 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (1970 Single B-Side)** 3:38
21 When I Paint My Masterpiece (Greatest Hits Vol. II) 3:21
22 Down In The Flood (Greatest Hits Vol. II) 2:49
23 I Shall Be Released (Greatest Hits Vol. II) 3:04
24 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Greatest Hits Vol. II) 2:46
25 George Jackson (Big Band Version) (1971 Single A-Side)** 5:38
26 George Jackson (Acoustic Version) (1971 Single B-Side) 3:39
27 Forever Young (1973 Unreleased Version) [Biograph] 2:03
28 You're A Big Girl Now (1974 Unreleased Version) [Biograph] 4:23
29 Up To Me (1974 Unreleased Version) [Biograph] 6:19
30 Shelter From The Storm (Take 1) (1996 Jerry MaGuire OST)** 6:01
31 Abandoned Love (1975 Unreleased Version) [Biograph] 4:29
32 Isis (1975 Live Unreleased) [Biograph] 5:19
33 Romance In Durango (1975 Live Unreleased) [Biograph] 4:39

Side Tracks Disc 3 (Deluxe BF Edition)
34 Rita May (1977 Single B-Side)** 3:14
35 People Get Ready (1978 Songs From Renaldo & Clara)** 2:34
36 It Ain't Me Babe (Live) (1978 Songs From Renaldo & Clara)** 5:16
37 Never Let Me Go (Live) (1978 Songs From Renaldo & Clara)** 2:45
38 Trouble In Mind (1979 Single B-Side)** 4:06
39 Caribbean Wind (1981 Unreleased Version) [Biograph] 5:53
40 Heart Of Mine (1981 Unreleased Live Version) [Biograph] 3:44
41 Let It Be Me (1981 Euro Single B-Side)** 4:26
42 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (1983 Single B-Side)** 4:34
43 Band Of The Hand (1986 Single A-Side)** 4:34
44 The Usual (1987 Hearts Of Fire OST)** 3:34
45 Night After Night (1987 Hearts Of Fire OST)** 2:49
46 Pretty Boy Floyd (1988 Folkways: A Vision Shared)** 4:25
47 People Get Ready (1990 Flashback OST)** 3:17
48 This Old Man (1991 For Our Children LP)** 3:09

Side Tracks Disc 4 (Deluxe BF Edition)
49 Dignity (1994 Greatest Hits Volume 3)** 5:58
50 Series Of Dreams (1994 Greatest Hits Volume 3)** 5:54
51 You Belong To Me (1994 Natural Born Killers OST)** 3:17
52 Boogie Woogie Country Girl (1995 Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute To Doc Pomus)** 3:12
53 Ring Of Fire (1996 Feeling Minnesota OST)** 4:17
54 My Blue Eyed Jane (1997 The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers)** 3:16
55 Dignity (Original Version) (1998 Touched By An Angel OST) 5:36
56 Chimes Of Freedom (1999 The '60s: Original NBC Motion Picture Soundtrack)** 4:08
57 Things Have Changed (2000 Single Version) 5:08
58 Down Along The Cove (Live At Bonnaroo) [2009 Single B-Side]** 6:13
59 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) (2007 Mark Ronson Remix)** 3:35
60 Meet Me In The Morning (Alternate Take) [2012 B-Side]** 5:01

Side Tracks (Deluxe Expanded Edition) 1-2

Side Tracks (Deluxe Expanded Edition) 3-4

Side Tracks 1-4 Yandex

And now here's the live co-compilation to the 60 track version of Side Tracks (Deluxe). In keeping with the original parameters, only officially released but uncollected on Bob's LPs/CDs are included. Taken together this should be virtually all anyone would need to complete their Dylan collection and should also be enjoyable. 

All but very few tracks are 320, but all are tagged with original art. If I missed something important (looking at you Suds!) please let me know. "Discs" four and five compile all of his 1996-00 live single B-sides, making for a nice collection by itself. Enjoy! 

Side Tracks Live CD 1 (Deluxe BF Edition)
1 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 6:42 
2 Rocks and Gravel (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 5:00 
3 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 3:11 
4 The Cuckoo (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 2:20 
5 Moonshiner (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 4:08 
6 Handsome Molly (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 2:46 
7 Cocaine (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 2:58 
8 John Brown (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 5:56 
9 Barbara Allen (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 7:52 
10 West Texas (Live At The Gaslight 1962) 5:38 
11 (I'd Hate To Be You On That) Dreadful Day (Broadside Reunion Recorded 1962) 1:04 
12 The Death Of Emmett Till (Broadside Reunion Recorded 1962) 4:41 
13 The Ballad Of Donald White (Broadside Reunion Recorded 1962) 4:33 
14 John Brown (Broadside Ballads, Vol. 1 Recorded 1963) 4:25 
15 Only A Hobo (Broadside Ballads, Vol. 1 Recorded 1963) 2:01 
16 Talkin' Devil (Broadside Ballads, Vol. 1 Recorded 1963) 0:54 
17 Train A-Travelin' (Broadside Reunion Recorded 1963) 2:05 

Side Tracks Live CD 2 (Deluxe BF Edition)
18 Honey, Just Allow Me One More (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 1:58 
19 Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 4:40 
20 Ballad Of Hollis Brown (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 7:11 
21 Masters Of War (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 6:30 
22 Talkin' World War III Blues (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 6:24 
23 Bob Dylan's Dream (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 5:57 
24 Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Mountain Picnic (In Concert - Brandeis University 1963) 5:45 
25 Blowin' In The Wind (Newport Folk Festival July 1963) 3:27 
26 With God On Our Side (Newport Folk Festival July 1963) 6:15 
27 Playboys And Playgirls (Newport Folk Festival July 1963) 3:17 
28 Troubled And I Don't Know Why (Newport Folk Festival July 1963) 3:11 

Side Tracks Live CD 3 (Deluxe BF Edition)
29 The Times They Are A-Changin' (Live At Carnegie Hall 1963) 4:04 
30 Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Live At Carnegie Hall 1963) 6:04 
31 Boots Of Spanish Leather (Live At Carnegie Hall 1963) 5:40 
32 Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Live At Carnegie Hall 1963) 5:04 
33 North Country Blues (Live At Carnegie Hall 1963) 4:16 
34 With God On Our Side (Live At Carnegie Hall 1963) 6:49 
35 I Ain't Got No Home (Guthrie Memorial Concert NY January 20, 1968) 3:43 
36 Dear Mrs. Roosevelt (Guthrie Memorial Concert NY January 20, 1968) 5:49 
37 Grand Coulee Dam (Guthrie Memorial Concert NY January 20, 1968) 3:04 
38 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971) 5:44 
39 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It takes a Train To Cry (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971) 3:07 
40 Blowin' In The Wind (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971) 4:07 
41 Mr. Tambourine Man (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971) 4:45 
42 Love Minus Zero/No Limit (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971) 4:20 
43 Just Like A Woman (The Concert For Bangla Desh 1971) 4:49 

Side Tracks Live CD 4 (Deluxe BF Edition)
44 My Back Pages (1996 Live '96 Promo) 7:45 
45 Tombstone Blues (Live) [1998 'Not Dark Yet' B-Side] 6:26 
46 Ballad Of A Thin Man (Live) [1998 'Not Dark Yet' B-Side] 8:48 
47 Boots Of Spanish Leather (Live) [1998 'Not Dark Yet' B-Side] 6:36 
48 Love Sick (Live 'Grammy' Version) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 5:29 
49 Cold Iron's Bound (Live) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 6:50 
50 Cocaine Blues (Live) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 5:43 
51 Born In Time (Live) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 5:20 
52 Can't Wait (Live) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 6:02 
53 Roving Gambler (Live) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 3:53 
54 Blind Willie McTell (Live) [1998 'Love Sick' B-Side] 7:01 

Side Tracks Live CD 5 (Deluxe BF Edition)
55 Million Miles (Live) [1999 Million Miles (Live Recordings 1997-1999) 4:42 
56 Tears Of Rage (Live) [1999 Not Dark Yet Japanese EP] 7:21 
57 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) (Live) [1999 Not Dark Yet Japanese EP] 4:40 
58 Things Have Changed (Live) [2000 Things Have Changed Single] 5:53 
59 To Make You Feel My Love (Live) [2000 Things Have Changed Single] 4:09 
60 Song To Woody (Live) [2000 Things Have Changed Single] 4:26 
61 Highlands (Live) [2000 Things Have Changed Japanese Single] 11:19 
62 Blowin' In The Wind (Live) [2000 Things Have Changed Japanese Single] 7:10 

Side Tracks Live 1-2

Side Tracks Live 3-5

Side Tracks Live 1-5 Yandex


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