Sunday, June 16, 2019

Manfred Mann - The Jack Bruce Sessions

While researching for the Cream "Like a Bearded Rainbow" set, this was put together so I could look at Bruce's short time with MM. At the time they were a (moderately) successful band with a long-ish career and installed Jack Bruce as their musical director/visionary.  The time Jack spent with MM was only a few months and ended when he joined Cream. Here in the States, MM didn't really register much in our consciousnesses, at least on the West Coast, but results of compiling these were so fascinating, I had to share it! All @320, tagged with original art and sequenced in the order originally released. Worth a listen, probably not the Manfred Mann that you'd expect.

1 Machines (Machines EP) [4-66]
2 She Needs Company [Mono] (Machines EP) [4-66]
3 Tennessee Waltz (Machines EP) [4-66]
4 When Will I Be Loved (Machines EP) [4-66]
5 Pretty Flamingo (Single A-Side) [4-66]
6 You're Standing By (Single B-Side) [4-66]
7 Still I'm Sad (Instrumental Asylum EP) [6-66]
8 My Generation (Instrumental Asylum EP) [6-66]
9 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Instrumental Asylum EP) [6-66]
10 I Got You Babe (Instrumental Asylum EP) [6-66]
11 It's Getting Late (Pretty Flamingo LP) [7-66]
12 Driva Man (Pretty Flamingo LP) [7-66]
13 I Wanna Be Rich (Mono) (Just Like A Woman Single B-Side) [8-66]
14 That's All I Ever Want From You Baby (AsWas EP) [10-66]
15 Spirit Feel (Soul Of Mann LP) [1-67]
16 Tengo Tango (Soul Of Mann LP) [1-67]
17 Come Home Baby [Mono] (The Best Of Manfred Mann) [1992]
18 Let It Be Me (Mono) (Ascent Of Mann) [1997]

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Psychfan said...

Thank you! I'm a Manfred Mann fan as well as a Jack Bruce fan.

Rhodb said...

Thanks for the Manfred Mann and Jack Bruce share

An interesting bit of musical history. Nice work


intercepter said...

Big Thanks!!!

zipper said...

Nice work...many thanks.

loch said...

Thank You!!

tasunkes said...

A creative period! There are a couple of live BBC takes with Bruce around too, among them a fantastic version of Spirit Feel... thank you!

Stuffy from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Thank you!