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Queen - The Ultimate Singles Collection (BF Edition)

Someone asked me a few days ago for some Queen and I found that my Queen collection needed upgrading. I like Queen and respect them even more, but I seldom listen to them. They are (IMO) masters of managing their brand. Is it right that they make hundreds of millions of $$ by careful management and marketing their back catalog? I dunno. I just remember that when these came out back in the day, their albums alternated between really good and run of the mill.

Nevertheless, I took the four singles box sets and compiled them into one playlist, tagging each track with artwork. After doing a little research, I found that their box sets had some omissions and inaccuracies. I added in the missing singles and I still wasn't satisfied with the results.

I considered whether to expand it to solo singles and also expand it to today. The solo singles made it,  but the collection ended it where it should: when John Deacon finally threw in the towel and also the last of Freddie Mercury's singles were issued.

So in this set you'll find every Queen single and EP through the '90s. As well, all solo singles/EPs are included. Very few guest appearances are included because it wasn't really the work of Queen or of its members. All of these are correct single versions. A few were very hard to find. Each track is tagged with original art, both "A" and "B". Every track is @320 and many were freshly converted from FLAC files

The was probably more work than it was worth. We'll see. I'm not always the best judge of what people like. Truthfully, most of these projects I make for myself and some friends on a private forum. As I said earlier, I'm personally not the biggest fan so I guess this set wasn't for me. \But I do I hope you all enjoy it!!

1 Smile Step On Me (Original Version ) [1969]
2 Smile Earth (Original Version) [1969]
3 Larry Lurex I Can Hear Music [6-73]
4 Larry Lurex Goin' Back [6-73]
5 Queen Keep Yourself Alive [7-73]
6 Queen Son And Daughter [7-73]
7 Queen Liar (US Single Edit) [2-74]
8 Queen Doing All Right (US B-Side) [2-74]
9 Queen Seven Seas Of Rhye [2-74]
10 Queen See What A Fool I've Been [2-74]
11 Queen The Loser in the End (Japanese B-Side) [10-74]
12 Queen Killer Queen [10-74]
13 Queen Flick Of The Wrist [10-74]
14 Queen Now I'm Here [1-75]
15 Queen Lily Of The Valley (Single Edit) [1-75]
16 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody [10-75]
17 Queen I'm In Love With My Car [10-75]
18 Queen You're My Best Friend [6-76]
19 Queen 39 [6-76]
20 Queen Somebody To Love [11-76]
21 Queen White Man [11-76]
22 Queen Tie Your Mother Down (Dutch) [3-77]
23 Queen You And I (Dutch) [3-77]
24 Queen Drowse (US B-Side) [3-77]
25 Queen Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (Japanese Single Edit) [3-77]
26 Queen Good Old Fashioned Loverboy [5-77]
27 Queen Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To...) [5-77]
28 Queen Tenement Funster [5-77]
29 Queen White Queen (As It Began) [5-77]
30 Queen Long Away (US Single A-Side) [6-77]
31 Roger Taylor I Wanna Testify [8-77]
32 Roger Taylor Turn On The TV [8-77]
33 Queen We Are The Champions [10-77]
34 Queen We Will Rock You [10-77]
35 Queen Spread Your Wings [2-78]
36 Queen Sheer Heart Attack [2-78]
37 Queen It's Late (US Single Edit) [4-78]
38 Queen Bicycle Race [10-78]
39 Queen Fat Bottomed Girls [10-78]
40 Queen Don't Stop Me Now [1-79]
41 Queen In Only Seven Days [1-79]
42 Queen More Of That Jazz (US B-Side) [1-79]
43 Queen Mustapha (German Single) [4-79]
44 Queen Dead On Time (German Single) [4-79]
45 Queen Jealousy (US Single) [4-79]
46 Queen Fun It (US Single) [4-79]
47 Queen Love Of My Life (Live) [6-79]
48 Queen Now I'm Here (Live) [6-79]
49 Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love [10-79]
50 Queen We Will Rock You (Live) [10-79]
51 Queen Save Me [1-80]
52 Queen Let Me Entertain You [1-80]
53 Queen Play The Game [5-80]
54 Queen A Human Body [5-80]
55 Queen Another One Bites The Dust [8-80]
56 Queen Dragon Attack [8-80]
57 Queen Don't Try Suicide (US B-SIde) [8-80]
58 Queen Need Your Loving Tonight (US SIngle) [11-80]
59 Queen Rock It (Prime Jive) (US SIngle) [11-80]
60 Queen Flash's Theme A/K/A Flash [11-80]
61 Queen Footbal Fight [11-80]
62 Roger Taylor Future Management [3-81]
63 Roger Taylor Laugh Or Cry [3-81]
64 Roger Taylor My Country (Single Edit) [6-81]
65 Roger Taylor Fun In Space [6-81]
66 Queen & David Bowie Under Pressure [10-81]
67 Queen Soul Brother [10-81]
68 Queen Body Language [4-82]
69 Queen Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) [4-82]
70 Queen Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love) [6-82]
71 Queen Cool Cat [6-82]
72 Queen Calling All Girls (US) [7-82]
73 Queen Put Out The Fire (US) [7-82]
74 Queen Back Chat (Remix) [7-82]
75 Queen Staying Power [7-82]
76 Brian May + Friends Star Fleet (Edited Single Version) [10-83]
77 Brian May + Friends Son Of Star Fleet [10-83]
78 Queen Radio Ga Ga [1-84]
79 Queen I Go Crazy [1-84]
80 Queen I Want To Break Free [4-84]
81 Queen Machines (or 'Back To Humans') [4-84]
82 Roger Taylor Man On Fire [6-84]
83 Roger Taylor Killing Time [6-84]
84 Queen It's A Hard Life [7-84]
85 Queen Is This The World We Created ...? [7-84]
86 Roger Taylor Strange Frontier [7-84]
87 Roger Taylor I Cry For You (single remix) [7-84]
88 Freddie Mercury Love Kills (Original Single Version) [9-84]
89 Queen Hammer To Fall (Single Edit) [9-84]
90 Queen Tear It Up [9-84]
91 Queen Thank God It's Christmas [11-84]
92 Queen Man On The Prowl [11-84]
93 Queen Keep Passing The Open Windows [11-84]
94 Freddie Mercury I Was Born To Love You [4-85]
95 Freddie Mercury Stop All The Fighting (Non-Album B-Side) [4-85]
96 Freddie Mercury Made In Heaven [7-85]
97 Freddie Mercury She Blows Hot & Cold (Non-Album B-Side) [7-85]
98 Freddie Mercury Living On My Own [9-85]
99 Freddie Mercury My Love Is Dangerous [9-85]
100 Freddie Mercury Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow [11-85]
101 Freddie Mercury Let's Turn It On [11-85]
102 Queen One Vision (Single Edit) [11-85]
103 Queen Blurred Vision [11-85]
104 Queen Princes Of The Universe (US Single) [3-86]
105 Queen A Kind Of Magic [3-86]
106 Queen A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling [3-86]
107 Freddie Mercury Time [5-86]
108 Freddie Mercury Time (Instrumental Version) [5-86]
109 The Immortals (John Deacon) No Turning Back (Single Version) [5-86]
110 The Immortals (John Deacon) No Turning Back (Chocs-Away Mix) [5-86]
111 Queen One Year Of Love (France) [6-86]
112 Queen Gimme The Prize (France) [6-86]
113 Queen Friends Will Be Friends [6-86]
114 Queen Pain Is So  Close To Pleasure (Single Version) [8-86]
115 Queen Don't Lose Your Head [8-86]
116 Queen Who Wants To Live Forever (Single Version) [9-86]
117 Queen Forever (Piano Version) [9-86]
118 Freddie Mercury The Great Pretender (Single Version) [2-87]
119 Freddie Mercury Exercises In Free Love (Non-Album B-Side) [2-87]
120 Freddie Mercury Hold On (German Promo) [1987]
121 Meat Loaf With Brian May A Time For Heroes (Single Version) [1987]
122 The Cross Cowboys And Indians (Single Edit) [9-87]
123 The Cross Love Lies Bleeding (She's A Wicked, Wily Waitress) (Single Remix) [9-87]
124 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe Barcelona (Single Version) [10-87]
125 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe Exercises In Free Love (Single Version) [10-87]
126 The Cross Shove It [1-88]
127 The Cross Rough Justice [1-88]
128 The Cross Heaven For Everyone (7'' Version) (Roger Taylor Vocal) [3-88]
129 The Cross Heaven For Everyone (7'' Version) (Freddie Mercury Vocal) [3-88]
130 The Cross Love On A Tightrope (Like an Animal) [3-88]
131 The Cross Manipulator (Single Version) [7-88]
132 The Cross Stand Up For Love [7-88]
133 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe The Golden Boy [10-88]
134 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe The Fallen Priest [10-88]
135 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe How Can I Go On (Single Version) [1-89]
136 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe Overture Piccante [1-89]
137 Queen I Want It All (Single Version) [5-89]
138 Queen Hang On In There [5-89]
139 Queen Breakthru [6-89]
140 Queen Stealin' [6-89]
141 Queen The Invisible Man [8-89]
142 Queen Hijack My Heart [8-89]
143 Queen Scandal [10-89]
144 Queen My Life Has Been Saved [10-89]
145 Queen The Miracle [11-89]
146 Queen Stone Cold Crazy (Live) [11-89]
148 The Cross Power To Love (Single Version) [1990]
149 The Cross Passion For Trash [1990]
150 The Cross Liar (Single Version) [1990]
151 The Cross In Charge Of My Heart (Single Version) [1990]
152 The Cross Man On Fire (Live) [1990]
153 Queen Innuendo [1-91]
154 Queen Bijou [1-91]
155 Queen I’m Going Slightly Mad [3-91]
156 Queen
157 Queen The Hitman (B-Side) [3-91]
158 Queen Headlong [5-91]
159 Queen Mad The Swine (New Mix) (US B-Side) [5-91]
160 Queen All God’s People [5-91]
161 Queen I Can't Live With You (US Promo) [1991]
162 The Cross New Dark Ages (Single Edit) [8-91]
163 The Cross Ain't Put Nothing Down (Long Version) [8-91]
164 Queen These Are The Days Of Our Lives (US Single) [9-91]
165 Queen The Show Must Go On [10-91]
166 Queen Queen Talks [10-91]
167 The Cross Life Changes (Single Edit) [1991]
168 The Cross Put It All Down To Love [1991]
169 The Cross Heartland [1991]
170 Brian May Driven By You [11-91]
171 Brian May Just One Life [11-91]
172 Brian May Too Much Love Will Kill You [8-92]
173 Brian May I'm Scared [8-92]
174 Freddie Mercury In My Defence (Ron Nevison Mix) [11-92]
175 Freddie Mercury Love Kills (Wolf Euro Version) [11-92]
176 Brian May Back To The Light [11-92]
177 Brian May Nothin' But Blue (Guitar Version) [11-92]
177 George Michael And Queen Somebody To Love (Five Live EP) [4-93]
178 George Michael And Queen Killer (Five Live EP) [4-93]
179 George Michael And Queen Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (Five Live EP) [4-93]
180 George Michael And Queen With Lisa Stansfield These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Five Live EP) [4-93]
181 George Michael And Queen Calling You (Five Live EP) [4-93]
182 George Michael And Queen Dear Friends (Five Live EP) [4-93]
183 Freddie Mercury Living On My Own (Radio Mix) [1993]
184 Freddie Mercury Living On My Own (Album Mix) [1993]
185 Brian May Last Horizon (Radio Edit) [12-93]
186 The Brian May Band 39 - Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (Live Version) [12-93]
187 Roger Taylor Nazis 1994 (Single Version) [5-94]
188 Roger Taylor Nazis 1994 (Radio Mix) [5-94]
189 Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Eddie Howell Man From Manhattan (Original) (The Man From Manhattan EP) [1994]
190 Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Eddie Howell Hallowed Ground (The Man From Manhattan EP) [1994]
191 Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Eddie Howell Drink Her Away (The Man From Manhattan EP) [1994]
192 Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Eddie Howell Man From Manhattan (Revisited) (The Man From Manhattan EP) [1994]
193 Roger Taylor And Yoshiki Foreign Sand (Single Version) [9-94]
194 Roger Taylor And Yoshiki You Had To Be There [9-94]
195 Roger Taylor Happiness [11-94]
196 Roger Taylor Ride The Wild Wind [11-94]
197 Queen Heaven For Everyone (Single Version) [10-95]
198 Queen It’s A Beautiful Day [10-95]
199 Brian May with Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus Nobody Knew (Black White House) (Radio Version) [1995]
200 Brian May with Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus Nobody Knew (Black White House) (Long Version) [1995]
201 Queen A Winter’s Tale [12-95]
202 Queen Rock In Rio Blues [12-95]
203 Queen Too Much Love Will Kill You (Single Edit) [2-96]
204 Queen I Was Born To Love You [2-96]
205 Queen Let Me Live [6-96]
206 Queen We Will Rock You (Live) [6-96]
207 Queen We Are The Champions (Live) [6-96]
208 Queen You Don’t Fool Me (Edit) (Holland) [3-96]
209 Queen You Don’t Fool Me (Album Version) (Holland) [3-96]
210 Queen No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) [1-98]
211 Queen We Will Rock You (The Rick Rubin ‘Ruined’ Remix) [1-98]
212 Queen The Prize (Instrumental Remix for ‘The Eye’) [1-98]
213 Brian May Why Don't We Try Again [8-98]
214 Brian May Only Make Believe [8-98]
215 Brian May F.B.I. [8-98]
216 Brian May On My Way Up [8-98]
217 Roger Taylor Pressure On (Single Edit) [9-98]
218 Roger Taylor People On Streets (Mashed) [9-98]
219 Roger Taylor Tonight (Dub Sangria) [9-98]
220 Brian May Another World [1998]
221 Brian May Hot Patootie [1998]
222 Queen & Wyclef Jean (feat. Pras And Free) Another One Bites The Dust (New LP Version) [10-98]
223 Queen & Wyclef Jean (feat. Pras And Free) Another One Bites The Dust (Team 1 Black Rock Star Radio Edit) [10-98]
224 Brian May ''The Business'' (Rock on Cozy Mix) [1998]
225 Brian May Maybe Baby [1998]
226 Roger Taylor Surrender (Radio Mix) [3-99]
227 Roger Taylor London Town - C'mon Down (Single Edit) [3-99]
228 Queen Under Pressure Rah Mix (Radio Edit) [12-99]
229 Queen Under Pressure (Mike Spencer Remix) [12-99]
230 Queen Under Pressure (Live At Knebworth) [12-99]
231 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe Guide Me Home (Radio Edit) [2000]
232 Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe Guide Me Home, How Can I Go On (Demo Version) [2000]

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Whew; this is pretty extensive... and you've done some thorough work for a group you're not deeply fond of. So thanks, Frank, for this latest collection of yours!

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Frank, I don't know how you do such great work in such little time. Fantastic stuff. Thank you.

Big Bad Buddha said...

Excellent! In the US back in 1974 it wasn't always popular to voice your fanaticism for Queen. Like being a fan of Prog Rock, there was a large portion of my high school that looked down upon us for not exactly worshiping at the temples of Led Zeppelin or The Stones. And as a British band, Queen weren't the easiest to find articles written about (my life would have been so much different if I had had NME or Melody Maker available).

Wow, how things have changed in just the past couple of years. Has there ever been an artist/band whose popularity was so much larger 40 years after their peak than Queen? Maybe Robert Johnson. But I've got grandchildren insisting on pulling out my LP copy of 'Queen II' because listening to side 2 of that album is just about the greatest experience they've ever had with headphones on. And that damn release is nearly half a century old!

Thanks once again, Frank...looking forward to this big-time!

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You do it time after time. Another great collection.
What a massive work.

Many thanks, Frank.

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Ever since the Bowie 52 Years collection, I was hoping that Queen would get the same treatment, so many, many thanks for this.

If you take requests (!) I think a Pink Floyd singles collection would work well - for sure, only a small UK singles discography, but some fascinating overseas singles, including some unique edits. Also would be interesting to see singles collections for other artists who are more usually associated with albums, such as Neil Young.

Thanks again!

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