Thursday, January 16, 2020

The History Of The Bonzos (Deluxe BF Edition) Part 3: 1976-80

 Coming up is the 3rd in the series and here are some important notes: Most of us have plenty of and are well acquainted with their LP, so here I included only their singles/EPs - all original mixes taken from original needle drops. I created a new "Sir Henry at Rawlinson's End" including all of the music only. I gotta say that I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I hope you agree!

98 Grimms House Of The Rising Sun (Sleepers LP) [5-76] 3:54
99 Grimms Plenty Of Time (Sleepers LP) [5-76] 4:28
100 Neil Innes L'Amour Perdu (Rutland Weekend Songbook LP) [1976] 0:39
101 Neil Innes Say Sorry Again (Rutland Weekend Songbook LP) [1976] 2:24
102 Neil Innes Concrete Jungle Boy (From the Musical Pommy) (Rutland Weekend Songbook LP) [1976] 3:30
103 Neil Innes I Give Myself To You (Rutland Weekend Songbook LP) [1976] 2:19
104 Eric Idle & Neil Innes Communist Cookbook (Rutland Weekend Songbook LP) [1976] 1:16
105 Neil Innes Boring (Rutland Weekend Songbook LP) [1976] 2:41
106 Grimms Womble Bashers Of Walthamstow (Single) [6-76] 2:50
107 Grimms The Worst Is Yet To Come (Single) [6-76] 2:50
108 Grimms Wiggle Waggle (Single) [6-76] 0:48
109 Vivian Stanshall & Kilgaron The Young Ones (Single) [11-76] 3:16
110 Vivian Stanshall & Kilgaron Are You Having Any Fun (Single) [11-76] 2:35
111 Vivian Stanshall The Question (Single) [11-76] 4:01
112 Neil Innes Lady Mine (Single) [5-77] 3:20
113 Neil Innes Crystal Balls (Single) [5-77] 2:50
114 Neil Innes Silver Jubilee (A Tribute) (BBC Version) [6-77] 2:36
115 Neil Innes Drama on a Saturday Night (Single) [6-77] 4:52
116 Neil Innes Catch Phrase (Taking Off LP) [1977] 2:45
117 Neil Innes Shangri-La (Taking Off LP) [1977] 3:44
118 The Rutles I Must Be In Love (EP) [3-78] 2:06
119 The Rutles Cheese And Onions (EP) [3-78] 2:43
120 The Rutles With A Girl Like You (EP) [3-78] 1:53
121 The Rutles Doubleback Alley (Single) [4-78] 2:59
122 The Rutles Let's Be Natural (Single) [6-78] 3:27
123 The Rutles Piggy In The Middle (Single) [6-78] 4:15
124 Vivain Stanshall Sir Henry at Rawlinson's End (BF Music Only Edit) [1978] 22:57
125 Neil Innes Protest Song (Single) [6-78] 3:35
126 Neil Innes The Hard To Get (Single) [6-78] 3:09
127 Legs Larry Smith Springtime For Hitler (Single) [8-78] 3:59
128 Legs Larry Smith I've Got a Braun New Girl (In God Wet Rust) (Single) [8-78] 3:08
129 Neil Innes Montana Cafe (The Innes Book Of Records LP) [1979] 3:31
130 Neil Innes Etcetera (The Innes Book Of Records LP) [1979] 3:47
131 Tatty Ollity Punktuation (Single) [1979] 3:12
132 Neil Innes Amoeba Boogie (Single) [2-80] 4:26
133 Neil Innes Theme (Single) [2-80] 2:49
134 Neil Innes Kenny And Liza (Single) [6-80] 3:37
135 Neil Innes Human Race (Single) [6-80] 4:29
136 Vivian Stanshall Terry Keeps His Clips On (Single) [9-80] 3:43
137 Vivian Stanshall King Cripple (Single) [9-80] 2:59
138 Neil Innes Spontaneous (The Secret Policeman's Ball - The Music LP) [1980] 4:08


Puffinrandy said...

Loving these BF! Please keep 'em coming. Big Thank-you from the Mid-Pacific.

Psychfan said...

Thanks very much!

Crab Devil said...

Thank you very much -- including for building the basic "source" information directly into the filenames.

Sergio Taraddei said...

Thank you. The part 2 is ok, but when I try to download the part 3 there is a messagge of download limit exceeded. How can I do?

BlankFrank said...

@Sergio, try Zippy no DL limits!

Sergio Taraddei said...

@Frank, when I try to use Zippy I have this error message:403 Forbidden
Do you knwo why? :-)

BlankFrank said...

@Sergio, problems with 'forbidden' most probably have to fo with your ISP or country. I know UK residents have problems with being Zippy blocked. I think using opera or getting a VPN browser extension will do the trick

Anonymous said...

In UK also and cant download any Zippy. Had same message re Yanex. Just leave it a few hours, download from any other sites and you should be ok. And loving this d/load

Kwai Chang said...
I love Yandex a lot more than Zippy...but, I know what kind of panic I'd be in if I got left out on this one. Therefore, I uploaded this to WeTransfer as a bonzo dog life preserver. I think the link(above) is only good for a week. I will try to return make sure no one gets left behind. That way, I can be extremely important when the community needs me to be...(how unfunny is that???)
As always, Thank you to BlankFrank...without whom this would just be another lesson in the cornology of life.
(Zen And The Chronology Of Being Extremely Important)
This Bonzo Dog Quorum is on MANeuvers. To the garrison we go...
Kwai Chang

deadmandeadman said...

This is such a fine set! Thank you Friend. When can we expect the final installment?

Paolo Meccano said...

Thanks for sharing.

UnHalfBrickLayer said...

Thanks for the work and sharing this for everyone. one minor point:
126 Neil Innes The Hard To Get (Single) [6-78] 3:09
For this track it sounds like you used the version from the Rutland Weekend Songbook and not the live version from the 1978 Amnesty International show.

I have an okay copy of the 45 and and the track presented here is not the version on the original 45.