Monday, May 27, 2019

The Beatles "2" (Blank Frank Edition)

From 2012: One of these years, I think the surviving Beatles will get around to putting out their own version. Until that time comes here is my version of the "2" album. My criteria was that it had to fit on one CD and it must include the "B" sides of the "1" album and other singles that never made onto "1", using only UK and USA chart info, just like "1" did. Also, there can be no duplication from the "1" LP.

I did not include the Capitol Green Swirl 45s, such as "Boys" or "Kansas City" and to make it fit onto one CD, I had to leave out some of the US 45s from A Hard Days Night - I think those were released only because United Artists had the rights to the soundtrack album in the USA. These are @320 and tagged with original artwork.

So here goes, it uses only 2009 remastered versions. Notes on why I have included some songs are noted below. Thanks to A-1 for providing the inspiration for this post!

1 P.S. I Love You
2 Please Please Me (Ha! I think the only track that actually was #2!)
3 Ask Me Why
4 Thank You Girl
5 I'll Get You
6 This Boy
7 I Saw Her Standing There (USA "B" side)
8 You Can't Do That
9 Things We Said Today
10 I Should Have Known Better (USA "B" side)
11 She's A Woman
12 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party (USA "B" side)
13 Yes It Is
14 I'm Down
15 Act Naturally  (USA "A" side)
16 Nowhere Man (USA "A" side)
17 What Goes On (USA "B" side)
19 Rain
19 Strawberry Fields Forever
20 Baby, You're A Rich Man
21 I Am The Walrus
22 The Inner Light
23 Revolution
24 Don't Let Me Down
25 Old Brown Shoe
26 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
27 For You Blue  (USA "B" side)


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Anonymous said...

perfection. thanx.

Reggie said...

Love to see you back BF!

tsi&hrjs said...

Thanx Frank, very nice!

Do you happen to have a link to "1" that you could share or direct me to?

Thanx again,


lemonflag said...

Good old Faltonia. Is it still around?

BarrieB said...
Tell em BF sent you.

zipper said...

Wonderful stuff...I love this site. Many thanks BF!

BlankFrank said...

@ Binkerbo, everything posted on AYBCS was first posted on Faltonia, often years before. I re-opened AYBCS to give a home to these 'projects'.

@tsi&hrjs "1" is the famous single-disc CD from 2000. This compilation completes "1" with the other single sides not included in "1"

Silvio said...

Thank you for your work...

tsi&hrjs said...

Thank you Frank and BarrieB for answering me. I am not familiar with the history. It appears that faltonia is now a private members only site. I am very happy that Frank has started AYBCS. This is a great place for music lovers!

Greensleeves said...

Shouting back up the chain a bit, here..."Hi Reggie! Been a while!" :)

Emilio said...

Great construction, thanks for sharing it

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Surprised Free As A Bird, which hit #2 in the UK, didn't make the cut.

Paolo Meccano said...

Thanks for sharing.