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The Roxy Music Family Singles 1972-1993

 Congratulations to Roxy Music for making it into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!

From last year -  Here's the idea: make a compilation of all RM singles and add in all the band member's work as well, all in the original single mixes (as possible) and all in chronological sequence. This set is all tagged with the original labels or sleeve art and is all at though it's three DLs, I tagged it to play as seven full volumes. Nearly nine hours. 1.20 gigs. A lot of hard-to-find stuff here too. Let me know what you think. It took a long time to get this one completed and now's a perfect time to appreciate ALL of Roxy Music's music, solo included. **Still looking for the longer single version of Andy Mackay's Time Regained.  If you have, please share!**

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 1)
1 Roxy Music Virginia Plain [8-72]
2 Roxy Music The Numberer [8-72]
3 Roxy Music Pyjamarama (Island Mix) [3-73]
4 Roxy Music The Pride and The Pain [3-73]
5 Roxy Music Do the Strand (USA 7" Mix) [7-73]
6 Roxy Music Editions of You [7-73]
7 Bryan Ferry A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [9-73]
8 Bryan Ferry 2HB [9-73]
9 Roxy Music Street Life [11-73]
10 Roxy Music Hula Kula [11-73]
11 Eno Seven Deadly Finns [3-74]
12 Eno Later On [3-74]
13 Bryan Ferry The 'In' Crowd [5-74]
14 Bryan Ferry Chance Meeting [5-74]
15 Bryan Ferry Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [8-74]
16 Bryan Ferry Another Time, Another Place [8-74]
17 Andy Mackay Ride Of The Valkyries [1974]
18 Andy Mackay Time Regained [1974] **NEED SINGLE MIX**
19 Roxy Music All I Want Is You [10-74]
20 Roxy Music Your Application's Failed [10-74]
21 Roxy Music The Thrill of It All (USA 7" Mix) [10-74]

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 2)
22 Phil Manzanera Frontera [4-75]
23 Phil Manzanera Same Time Next Week [4-75]
24 Bryan Ferry You Go To My Head [6-75]
25 Bryan Ferry Re-Make | Re-Model [6-75]
26 Andy Mackay Wild Weekend [8-75]
27 Andy Mackay Walking The Whippet [8-75]
28 Eno The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) [8-75]
29 Eno I'll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoes) [8-75]
30 Roxy Music Love Is the Drug (USA 7" Mix) [10-75]
31 Roxy Music Sultanesque [10-75]
32 Roxy Music Both Ends Burning (7" Mix)[12-75]
33 Roxy Music For Your Pleasure (Live)[12-75]
34 Bryan Ferry Let's Stick Together [6-76]
35 Bryan Ferry Sea Breezes [6-76]
36 Bryan Ferry The Price Of Love [8-76]
37 Bryan Ferry Shame, Shame, Shame [8-76]
38 Bryan Ferry Heart On My Sleeve [8-76]
39 Bryan Ferry It's Only Love [8-76]
40 Bryan Ferry This Is Tomorrow [1-77]
41 Bryan Ferry As The World Turns [1-77]

Discs One &Two ZIPPY   YANDEX

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 3)
42 Bryan Ferry Tokyo Joe [4-77]
43 Bryan Ferry She's Leaving Home [4-77]
44 Phil Manzanera/801 Flight 19 [9-77]
45 Phil Manzanera/801 Car Rhumba [9-77]
46 Brian Eno Kings Lead Hat (Single Version) [1-78]
47 Brian Eno R. A. F. (with Snatch) [1-78]
48 Bryan Ferry What Goes On [4-78]
49 Bryan Ferry Casanova [4-78]
50 Bryan Ferry Sign Of The Times [7-78]
51 Bryan Ferry Four Letter Love [7-78]
52 Phil Manzanera Island [8-78]
53 Phil Manzanera Diamond Head [8-78]
54 Andy Mackay A Song of Friendship [10-78]
55 Andy Mackay Skill and Sweat [10-78]
56 Bryan Ferry Carrickfergus [11-78]
57 Bryan Ferry When She Walks In The Room [11-78]
58 Phil Manzanera Remote Control [11-78]
59 Phil Manzanera K-Scope [11-78]

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 4)
60 Roxy Music Trash [2-79]
61 Roxy Music Trash 2 [2-79]
62 Roxy Music Dance Away (7" Version) [4-79]
63 Roxy Music Cry, Cry, Cry [4-79]
64 Roxy Music Angel Eyes (7" Version) [8-79]
65 Roxy Music My Little Girl [8-79]
66 Roxy Music Over You [5-80]
67 Roxy Music Manifesto (Remake) [5-80]
68 Roxy Music Oh Yeah (7" Version) [7-80]
69 Roxy Music South Downs [7-80]
70 Roxy Music Same Old Scene [11-80]
71 Roxy Music Lover [11-80]
72 Roxy Music The Midnight Hour [12-80]
73 Roxy Music Flesh and Blood [12-80]
74 Brian Eno + David Byrne Regiment [2-81]
75 Brian Eno + David Byrne Moonlight In Glory [2-81]
76 Roxy Music Jealous Guy [2-81]
77 Roxy Music To Turn You On (B-Side Version) [2-81]
78 Brian Eno / David Byrne The Jezebel Spirit (Remix) [6-81]
79 Brian Eno / David Byrne Regiment (Remix) [6-81]
80 Brian Eno / David Byrne Very, Very Hungry [6-81]
81 Roxy Music More Than This (7" Version) [4-82]

Discs Three & Four ZIPPY   YANDEX

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 5)
82 Roxy Music India [4-82]
83 Roxy Music Avalon (7" Version) [6-82]
84 Roxy Music Always Unknowing [6-82]
85 Roxy Music Take a Chance with Me (7" Version) [9-82]
86 Roxy Music The Main Thing (Remix) [9-82]
87 Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno Silver Morning [1983]
88 Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno Deep Blue Day [1983]
89 The Explorers Lorelei [6-84]
90 The Explorers You Go Up In Smoke [6-84]
91 The Explorers Falling for Nightlife (Midnight Mix) [10-84]
92 The Explorers Crack the Whip [10-84]
93 Bryan Ferry Slave To Love [4-85]
94 Bryan Ferry Valentine [4-85]
95 The Explorers Two Worlds Apart [4-85]
96 The Explorers It Always Rains in Paradise [4-85]
97 The Explorers Venus de Milo [6-85]
98 The Explorers Another Lost Soul on the Run [6-85]

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 6)
99 Bryan Ferry Don't Stop The Dance [8-85]
100 Bryan Ferry Nocturne [8-85]
101 Bryan Ferry Windswept [11-85]
102 Bryan Ferry Crazy Love
103 Bryan Ferry Feel The Need [11-85]
104 Bryan Ferry Broken Wings [11-85]
105 Bryan Ferry Is Your Love Strong Enough [4-86}
106 Bryan Ferry Windswept (Instrumental) [4-86]
107 Brian Eno Backwater [1986]
108 Brian Eno On Some Faraway Beach [1986]
109 Bryan Ferry The Right Stuff [10-87]
110 Bryan Ferry The Right Stuff (Brooklyn Mix) [10-87]
111 Bryan Ferry Kiss And Tell [2-88]
112 Bryan Ferry Zamba [2-88]
113 Bryan Ferry Limbo (Latin Version) (US 7") [6-88]
114 Bryan Ferry Limbo (Brooklyn Mix) (7" Edit) [6-88]
115 Bryan Ferry Bete Noire [Instumental] [6-88]
116 Bryan Ferry Let's Stick Together (Westside '88 Remix) [10-88]

Discs Five-Six ZIPPY    YANDEX

The Roxy Music Family Singles Collection (Disc 7)
117 Bryan Ferry The Price Of Love (R & B Extended Remix) [1-89]
118 Bryan Ferry He'll Have To Go [4-89]
119 Phil Manzanera A Million Reasons Why [1990]
120 Phil Manzanera Southern Cross [1990]
121 Brian Eno & John Cale Spinning Away (LP Mix) [1990]
122 Brian Eno & John Cale Grandfather's House [1990]
123 Brian Eno & John Cale Palanquin [1990]
124 Brian Eno & John Cale One Word [1990]
125 Brian Eno Fractal Zoom (Mary's Birthday Edit)
126 Brian Eno Fractal Zoom (Separate Time Edit) [7-92]
127 Brian Eno Ali Click (Beirut Hilton Mix) [1992]
128 Brian Eno I Fall Up [1992]
129 Bryan Ferry I Put A Spell On You (Single Mix) [3-93]
130 Bryan Ferry These Foolish Things [3-93]
131 Bryan Ferry Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Album Version) [5-93]
132 Bryan Ferry Girl Of My Best Friend [8-93]
133 Bryan Ferry Are You Lonesome Tonight? [8-93]

Disc Seven ZIPPY    YANDEX


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Wicked Comp Thanx

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Great stuff, the Bryan Ferry B sides are superb.

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Wait. There's a SINGLE version of "King's Lead Hat?" !!!!

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Thank you very much, especially for the Eno rarities!

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Great collection! Thanks for posting. FYI there was a Bryan Ferry single called "Help Me" released in 1986 (Warner Bros. 9 28582-7) you might find interesting. It isn't one of his best tracks but it fits right into his overall mid-1980s sound. The song was also on the soundtrack to "The Fly" movie that came out around that time. Here's a discogs link to the 7" version.

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Excellent compilation. Lots of great tunes here. Thanks for putting it all together. If you ever do an update, there's a Bryan Ferry single called "Help Me" from the mid-1980s you could throw in there. Not sure if you are interested in 12" single versions, but there are a bunch of those as well from the Boys and Girls and Bete Noire era, some of which are very well done. Thanks.

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I'm so looking forward to listening to this, thank you so much!

It looks like this track is missing

81 Roxy Music More Than This (7" Version) [4-82]

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A lot of work went into this. I appreciate it. There is stuff here I did not know existed. Thank you for this.

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