Monday, March 25, 2019

Lulu - Oh Me Oh My - The Singles 1964-75

Here's a comp I put together that finally tells Lulu's story in a satisfying way. Over the eleven years covered here, she was on something like five labels, making a complete career retrospective problematic. Often when I'm putting these together, I really don't know if it'll really work until it's done. This comp really did the trick (for me, at least): it shows her range and puts everything she did in context, without dragging. Please check it out - I think you'll reassess Lulu as I did. All @ 320 and runs a bit over three hours. Let me know what you think!

1 Shout! (single version) (4-64)
2 Forget Me Baby (4-64)
3 Can't Hear You No More (8-64)
4 I Am In Love (8-64)
5 Here Comes The Night (11-64)
6 That's Really Some Good (11-64)
7 I'll Come Running Over (US B-side) (11-64)
8 Satisfied (4-65)
9 Surprise, Surprise (4-65)
10 Leave A Little Love (5-65)
11 He Don't Want Your Love Anymore (5-65)
12 Try To Understand (US) (9-65)
13 Not In This Whole World (US) (9-65)
14 Call Me (1-66)
15 After You (1-66)
16 What A Wonderful Feeling (9-66)
17 Tossin' And Turnin' (9-66)
18 Wenn Du Da Bist(1966)
19 So Fing Es An (1966)
20 The Boat That I Row (4-67)
21 Dreary Days And Nights (4-67)
22 Let's Pretend (6-67)
23 To Sir With Love (6-67)
24 Love Loves To Love, Love (10-67)
25 You And I (Mono Single Version) [10-67}
26 Best Of Both Worlds (US A-side) (10-67)
27 Me, The Peaceful Heart [2-68}
28 Lookout [2-68}
29 Boy [5-68}
30 Sad Memories [5-68}
31 Morning Dew (US A-Side) (5-6Cool
32 Without Him [10-68}
33 This Time (Bistro) [10-68}
34 I'm A Tiger [11-68}
35 Rattler (US B-Side) (11-6Cool
36 Boom Bang-A-Bang (3-69)
37 March! (3-69)
38 Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby) (12-69)
39 Sweep Around Your Own Back Door (12-69)
40 Hum A Song (From Your Heart) (5-70)
41 Where's Eddie (5-70)
42 Mr. Bojangles (UK B-side) (5-70)
43 After The Feeling Is Gone (7-70)
44 Good Day Sunshine (7-70)
45 Don't Let Me Down (1970)
46 Feelin' Alright (1970)
47 To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman) (8-70)
48 Melody Fair (8-70)
49 Got To Believe In Love (1-71)
50 Move To My Rhythm (1-71)
51 Everybody's Got To Clap (4-71)
52 After The Feeling Is Gone (4-71)
53 Goodbye My Love, Goodbye (UK B-Side) (6-71)
54 Even If I Could Change (6-72)
55 You Ain't Wrong You Just Ain't Right (6-72)
56 It Takes A Real Man (To Bring Out The Woman In Me) (1972)
57 The Man Who Sold The World (1-74)
58 Watch That Man (1-74)
59 The Man With The Golden Gun (11-74)
60 A Boy Like You (11-74)
61 Take Your Mama For A Ride (Part 1) (2-75)
62 Take Your Mama For A Ride (Part 2) (2-75)
63 Boy Meets Girl (7-75)
64 Mama's Little Corner Of The World (7-75)
65 Heaven And Earth And The Stars (11-75)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You & Your Site). Thanx again!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing. If you ever needed to hear some music to lift your spirits and believe that one believes in what one is singing, this is the deal. Thank you so much for your time and effort. This is a set to keep handy for repeated listens.

billy said...

that run of singles from lets pretend to i'm a tiger i really liked and she was great on top of the pops from what i remember.they were just regular pop songs but lulu put a lot of personality and fun in her tv performances .a very good idea to cover her carear

tsi&hrjs said...

Thanx for this. Very nicely done!

Dave said...

I know exactly one of her records - yes, the one everybody knows - and she is really an unknown quantity to me. This will be interesting.

zipper said...

Great stuff yet again...cheers!

Aussie said...

nice thank you from me - Aussie

miguel alsina said...

absolute fantastic!! I'm glad you come back again after all those years!! I remember that Lulu recorded Boom Bang a Bang in different languages (Spanish, italian, french, german)

lcdr said...

Really a great collection! Thanks. The only single I was not able to trace on her discography is the one that would be formed by Don't Let Me Down/Feelin' Alright. I really have no clue and as I have split your fantastic collection into the original singles folders and added the covers for good measure, I am remaining with those two tracks spare. Can you give me some indications please?
Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Will you be posting this again?