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E*L*V*I*S - The Complete US EP Collection (BF Edition)

You know, EPs were really a thing back in the '50s and '60's. This is my companion to Elvis' Complete Singles Collection a few years back - it has been sitting since 2016 waiting to be completed. So here's the deal: all of the King's EPs, presented in their original (read - mostly mono) mixes in the best possible (for 320) quality, tagged not only with the covers, but with the backs and labels too. Try it on your iPhone, PC or DVD/Blu-Ray player - it's pretty cool!

This collection is different from the singles collection in that it includes the deeper cuts, the ones that Elvis' real fans would want. That's what this collection is: a real fan's collection from back in the day. LPs didn't really fit all that well on a teenager's record player anyway.

I went deeper into this collection in a different way too - I included promo/jukebox EPs as well as planned but never issued EPs, mainly later soundtracks that never got an LP release back in the day. Here's more info: Elvis Extended-Play

Anyway, this set took a surprising amount of work locating the correct mixes of these songs. There is a small bit of song duplication, but not enough to annoy. All tracks are mono until track # 123. I broke it into two DL's and included a ZIP file of all the artwork.

This is the real Elvis fan's Elvis. Enjoy!

1 That's All Right (SPD-15 Country & Western Jukebox Promotion Kit) [12-55]
2 Baby Let's Play House (SPD-15 Country & Western Jukebox Promotion Kit) [12-55]
3 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (SPD-15 Country & Western Jukebox Promotion Kit) [12-55]
4 Mystery Train (SPD-15 Country & Western Jukebox Promotion Kit) [12-55]
5 Blue Suede Shoes (EPA-747 Elvis Presley) [3-56]
6 Tutti Frutti (EPA-747 Elvis Presley) [3-56]
7 I Got A Woman (EPA-747 Elvis Presley) [3-56]
8 Just Because (EPA-747 Elvis Presley) [3-56]
9 Heartbreak Hotel (EPA-821 Heartbreak Hotel) [4-56]
10 I Was The One (EPA-821 Heartbreak Hotel) [4-56]
11 Money Honey (EPA-821 Heartbreak Hotel) [4-56]
12 I Forgot To Remember To Forget (EPA-821 Heartbreak Hotel) [4-56]
13 Shake, Rattle And Roll (EPA-830 Elvis Presley) [6-56]
14 I Love You Because (EPA-830 Elvis Presley) [6-56]
15 Blue Moon (EPA-830 Elvis Presley) [6-56]
16 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (EPA-830 Elvis Presley) [6-56]
17 Don't Be Cruel (EPA-940 The Real Elvis) [8-56]
18 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (EPA-940 The Real Elvis) [8-56]
19 Hound Dog (EPA-940 The Real Elvis) [8-56]
20 My Baby Left Me (EPA-940 The Real Elvis) [8-56]
21 Any Way You Want Me (EPA-965 Anyway You Want Me) [9-56]
22 I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (EPA-965 Anyway You Want Me) [9-56]
23 I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (EPA-965 Anyway You Want Me) [9-56]
24 Mystery Train (EPA-965 Anyway You Want Me) [9-56]
25 Rip It Up (EPA-992 Elvis, Volume 1) [10-56]
26 Love Me (EPA-992 Elvis, Volume 1) [10-56]
27 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (EPA-992 Elvis, Volume 1) [10-56]
28 Paralyzed (EPA-992 Elvis, Volume 1) [10-56]
29 So Glad You're Mine (EPA-993 Elvis, Volume 2 ) [10-56]
30 Old Shep (EPA-993 Elvis, Volume 2 ) [10-56]
31 Ready Teddy (EPA-993 Elvis, Volume 2 ) [10-56]
32 Anyplace Is Paradise (EPA-993 Elvis, Volume 2 ) [10-56]
33 Love Me Tender (EPA-4006 Love Me Tender) [11-56]
34 Let Me (EPA-4006 Love Me Tender) [11-56]
35 Poor Boy (EPA-4006 Love Me Tender) [11-56]
36 We're Gonna Move (EPA-4006 Love Me Tender) [11-56]
37 Long Tall Sally (EPA-994 Strictly Elvis) [1-57]
38 First In Line (EPA-994 Strictly Elvis) [1-57]
39 How Do You Think I Feel (EPA-994 Strictly Elvis) [1-57]
40 How's The World Treating You (EPA-994 Strictly Elvis) [1-57]
41 (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (EPA-4054 Peace In The Valley) [4-57]
42 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (EPA-4054 Peace In The Valley) [4-57]
43 I Believe (EPA-4054 Peace In The Valley) [4-57]
44 Take My Hand, Precious Lord (EPA-4054 Peace In The Valley) [4-57]
45 Loving You (EPA 1-1515 Loving You, Vol. 1) [7-57]
46 Party (EPA 1-1515 Loving You, Vol. 1) [7-57]
47 (Let me Be Your) Teddy Bear (EPA 1-1515 Loving You, Vol. 1) [7-57]
48 True Love (EPA 1-1515 Loving You, Vol. 1) [7-57]
49 Lonesome Cowboy (EPA 2-1515 Loving You, Vol. II) [7-57]
50 Hot Dog (EPA 2-1515 Loving You, Vol. II) [7-57]
51 Mean Woman Blues (EPA 2-1515 Loving You, Vol. II) [7-57]
52 Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! (EPA 2-1515 Loving You, Vol. II) [7-57]
53 I Need You So (EPA-4041 Just For You) [9-57]
54 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (EPA-4041 Just For You) [9-57]
55 Blueberry Hill (EPA-4041 Just For You) [9-57]
56 Don't Leave Me Now (EPA-4041 Just For You) [9-57]
57 Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) (EPA-4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs) [10-57]
58 Blue Christmas (EPA-4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs) [10-57]
59 Santa Claus Is Back In Town (EPA-4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs) [10-57]
60 I'll Be Home For Christmas (EPA-4108 Elvis Sings Christmas Songs) [10-57]
61 Jailhouse Rock (EPA-4114 Jailhouse Rock) [10-57]
62 Young And Beautiful (EPA-4114 Jailhouse Rock) [10-57]
63 I Want To Be Free (EPA-4114 Jailhouse Rock) [10-57]
64 Don't Leave Me Now (EPA-4114 Jailhouse Rock) [10-57]
65 Baby I Don't Care (EPA-4114 Jailhouse Rock) [10-57]
66 King Creole (EPA-4319 King Creole, Vol. 1) [7-58]
67 New Orleans (EPA-4319 King Creole, Vol. 1) [7-58]
68 As Long As I Have You (EPA-4319 King Creole, Vol. 1) [7-58]
69 Lover Doll (EPA-4319 King Creole, Vol. 1) [7-58]
70 Trouble (EPA-4321 King Creole, Vol. 2 ) [7-58]
71 Young Dreams (EPA-4321 King Creole, Vol. 2 ) [7-58]
72 Crawfish (EPA-4321 King Creole, Vol. 2 ) [7-58]
73 Dixieland Rock (EPA-4321 King Creole, Vol. 2 ) [7-58]
74 White Christmas (EPA-4340 Christmas with Elvis) [10-58]
75 Here Comes Santa Claus (EPA-4340 Christmas with Elvis) [10-58]
76 O Little Town Of Bethlehem (EPA-4340 Christmas with Elvis) [10-58]
77 Silent Night (EPA-4340 Christmas with Elvis) [10-58]
78 Hard Headed Woman (EPA 5088 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 1) [4-59]
79 Good Rockin' Tonight (EPA 5088 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 1) [4-59]
80 Don't (EPA 5088 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 1) [4-59]
81 I Beg Of You (EPA 5088 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 1) [4-59]
82 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (EPA 5101 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 2) [9-59]
83 Treat Me Nice m(EPA 5101 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 2) [9-59]
84 One Night (EPA 5101 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 2) [9-59]
85 That's All Right (EPA 5101 A Touch Of Gold Vol. 2) [9-59]
86 All Shook Up (EPA-5141 A Touch of Gold, Vol 3) [2-60]
87 Don't Ask Me Why (EPA-5141 A Touch of Gold, Vol 3) [2-60]
88 Too Much (EPA-5141 A Touch of Gold, Vol 3) [2-60]
89 Blue Moon Of Kentucky (EPA-5141 A Touch of Gold, Vol 3) [2-60]
90 Flaming Star (LPC-128 Elvis by Request) [4-61]
91 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (LPC-128 Elvis by Request) [4-61]
92 Are You Lonseome Tonight? (LPC-128 Elvis by Request) [4-61]
93 It's Now Or Never (LPC-128 Elvis by Request) [4-61]
94 Follow That Dream (EPA-4368 Follow that Dream) [4-62]
95 Angel (EPA-4368 Follow that Dream) [4-62]
96 What A Wonderfull Life (EPA-4368 Follow that Dream) [4-62]
97 I'm Not The Marrying Kind (EPA-4368 Follow that Dream) [4-62]
98 King Of The Whole Wide World (EPA-4371 Kid Galahad) [8-62]
99 This Is Living (EPA-4371 Kid Galahad) [8-62]
100 Riding The Rainbow (EPA-4371 Kid Galahad) [8-62]
101 Home Is Where The Heart Is (EPA-4371 Kid Galahad) [8-62]
102 I Got Lucky (EPA-4371 Kid Galahad) [8-62]
103 A Whistling Tune (EPA-4371 Kid Galahad) [8-62]
104 If You Think I Don't Need You (EPA-4382 Viva Las Vegas) [5-64]
105 I Need Somebody To Lean On (EPA-4382 Viva Las Vegas) [5-64]
106 C'mon Everybody (EPA-4382 Viva Las Vegas) [5-64]
107 Today, Tomorrow And Forever (EPA-4382 Viva Las Vegas) [5-64]
108 I Feel That I've Known You Forever (EPA-4383 Tickle Me) [6-65]
109 Slowly But Surely (EPA-4383 Tickle Me) [6-65]
110 Night Rider (EPA-4383 Tickle Me) [6-65]
111 Put The Blame On Me (EPA-4383 Tickle Me) [6-65]
112 Dirty, Dirty Feeling (EPA-4383 Tickle Me) [6-65]
113 Easy Come, Easy Go (EPA-4387 Easy Come, Easy Go) [3-67]
114 The Love Machine (EPA-4387 Easy Come, Easy Go) [3-67]
115 Yoga Is As Yoga Does (EPA-4387 Easy Come, Easy Go) [3-67]
116 Sing You Children (EPA-4387 Easy Come, Easy Go) [3-67]
117 You Gotta Stop (EPA-4387 Easy Come, Easy Go) [3-67]
118 I'll Take Love (EPA-4387 Easy Come, Easy Go) [3-67]
119 Memphis Tennessee (EPA-4386 Hear the USA the Elvis Way) [4-67] (Unreleased)
120 Blue Moon Of Kentucky (EPA-4386 Hear the USA the Elvis Way) [4-67] (Unreleased)
121 New Orleans (EPA-4386 Hear the USA the Elvis Way) [4-67] (Unreleased)
122 Viva Las Vegas (EPA-4386 Hear the USA the Elvis Way) [4-67] (Unreleased)
123 Stay Away, Joe (EPA-4392 Stay Away, Joe) [1968] (Unreleased)
124 Goin' Home (EPA-4392 Stay Away, Joe) [1968] (Unreleased)
125 Stay Away (EPA-4392 Stay Away, Joe) [1968] (Unreleased)
126 All I Needed Was The Rain (EPA-4392 Stay Away, Joe) [1968] (Unreleased)
127 Wonderful World (EPA-4393 Live a Little, Love a Little) [1968] (Unreleased)
128 Edge Of Reality (EPA-4393 Live a Little, Love a Little) [1968] (Unreleased)
129 A Little Less Conversation (EPA-4393 Live a Little, Love a Little) [1968] (Unreleased)
130 Almost In Love (EPA-4393 Live a Little, Love a Little) [1968] (Unreleased)
131 Clean Up Your Own Back Yard (EPA-4394 The Trouble with Girls) [1968] (Unreleased)
132 Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (EPA-4394 The Trouble with Girls) [1968] (Unreleased)
133 Signs Of The Zodiac (EPA-4394 The Trouble with Girls) [1968] (Unreleased)
134 Almost (EPA-4394 The Trouble with Girls) [1968] (Unreleased)
135 Change Of Habit (EPA-4395 Change of Habit) [1968] (Unreleased)
136 Rubberneckin' (EPA-4395 Change of Habit) [1968] (Unreleased)
137 Have A Happy (EPA-4395 Change of Habit) [1968] (Unreleased)
138 Let Us Pray (EPA-4395 Change of Habit) [1968] (Unreleased)
139 Something (DTF0-2006 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite) [5-73]
140 You Gave Me A Mountain (DTF0-2006 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite) [5-73]
141 I Can't Stop Loving You (DTF0-2006 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite) [5-73]
142 My Way (DTF0-2006 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite) [5-73]
143 What Now My Love (DTF0-2006 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite) [5-73]
144 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (DTF0-2006 Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite) [5-73]
145 Heartbreak Hotel (BMG 07863644767 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was the One) [2-96]
146 I Was The One (BMG 07863644767 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was the One) [2-96]
147 Heartbreak Hotel [Take 4-5] (BMG 07863644767 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was the One) [2-96]
148 I Was The One (Take 2) (BMG 07863644767 Heartbreak Hotel / I Was the One) [2-96]

The Complete US EP Collection 


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