Saturday, July 20, 2019

Get The Girl - Susanna Hoffs' Soundtracks (A BlankFrank Compilation)

This new collection of her OST contributions makes for an entertaining listening experience. I stumbled onto a bunch of her stuff while searching for missing Matthew Sweet tracks and put this together pretty quickly. I hope you get a chance to check it out - it turned out surprisingly good and it's got quite a few hard-to-find tracks. @320 & tagged with original OST covers.

1 Susanna Hoffs I'll Keep It With Mine (Rainy Day OST 1984)
2 Susanna Hoffs I'll Be Your Mirror (Rainy Day OST 1984)
3 Susanna Hoffs We Close Our Eyes (Buffy The Vampire Slayer OST 1992)
4 Susanna Hoffs You Were On My Mind (Fathers And Sons OST 1992)
5 Susanna Hoffs Now And Then (Now And Then OST 1995)
6 Ming Tea BBC (Austin Powers OST 1997)
7 Susanna Hoffs The Look Of Love (Austin Powers OST 1997)
8 Susanna Hoffs It Must Be Love (Cupud TV Series 1998)
9 The Bangles Get The Girl (The Spy Who Shagged Me [Vol 2] 1999)
10 Randy Newman & Susanna Hoffs Fool In Love (Meet The Parents OST 2000)
11 Ming Tea feat. Austin Powers Daddy Wasn't There (Austin Powers In Goldmember OST 2002)
12 Susanna Hoffs Alfie (What's It All About)
13 Susanna Hoffs The Water Is Wide (Irish Mix) (Red Roses And Petrol OST 2008)
14 Susanna Hoffs Catch The Wind (Red Roses And Petrol OST 2008)
15 Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs Got To Get You Into My Life (Imagine That OST 2009)

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Dave said...

Looks great! I have about halve of these but I really enjoy everything she does so this will be a nice addition to my collection.

Anonymous said...

Noice! Thanks

Farquhar Throckmorton III said...

Larvely! But I'm not sure if Rainy Day was any kind of movie - I think it's a compilation of artists covering other peoples' songs?

Jackson said...

Way cool! Love what amounts to an "Under The Cover" outtake from her and Matthew Sweet... plus, Randy Newman & Susanna Hoffs together?? Gotta hear THAT!

BlankFrank said...

@Farquhar Throckmorton III You're right! I stand corrected.

Gary said...

Greetings from Australia!
Just a quick thank you for the blog, particularly enjoyed the Bowie project.

Aging Child said...

Thanks for this one, BlankFrank. I confess I still prefer her lovely voice in the Bangles' first-run setting. Well... it may be because in 1986, I dated a young lady who looked almost exactly like her; just seeing Susanna's photo here bring back some sweet memories. The heart never forgets.

Unknown said...

Thanks! The Austin Powers songs were my favorites way back when.