Saturday, July 13, 2019

Barclay James Harvest 45s 1968-1990

This was another quickie I pulled together last year. I found that I had NO Barclay James Harvest in my collection and grabbed about 35 gigs of their LPs. There are so many albums, collections and re-issues there wasn't any way to make heads or tails of their career. I had no starting place to begin exploring BJH. After compiling this set, it's easy to see why: they changed styles more often than I change shirts, Having said that, they have my respect - been at it for 50+ years and are still in the game.

So this collection should provide a nice, full view of their career - all of their singles to 1990, presented in single versions/edits, all in chronological sequence. It's all at 320, tagged with original labels/sleeves. After playing it a couple times, I'm pleased with the results and I hope you all agree. This should just about fill three CDs, if you like your media physical.

1 Mr. Sunshine (Mono Single) [4-68]
2 Early Morning (Mono Single) [4-68]
3 Brother Thrush (Single Version) [6-69]
4 Poor Wages (Single Version) [6-69]
5 Taking Some Time On (Single Version) [8-70]
6 The Iron Maiden [8-70]
7 Mocking Bird (Single Edit) [3-71]
8 Vanessa Simmons [3-71]
9 I'm Over You (Single Version) [4-72]
10 Child Of Man (Single Version) [4-72]
11 Thank You [10-72]
12 Medicine Man (Single Version) [4-72]
13 Breathless (Single Only) [1972]
14 When The City Sleeps (Single Only) [1972]
15 Rock And Roll Woman (Single Only) [7-73]
16 The Joker (Single Only) [7-73]
17 Negative Earth (Flexi-Disc) [6-74]
18 Galadriel (B-Side) [3-75]
19 Child of the Universe (U.S. Single Version) [4-74]
20 Poor Boy Blues (UK A-Side) [5-74]
21 Crazy City [5-74]
22 Titles [11-75]
23 Song For You [11-75]
24 Rock 'n' Roll Star (Live EP) [3-77]
25 Medicine Man (Part One) (Live EP) [3-77]
26 Medicine Man (Part Two) (Live EP) [3-77]
27 Hymn (Single Edit) [7-77]
28 Our Kid's Kid (Single Only) [7-77]
29 Friend Of Mine (Single Edit) [3-78]
30 Suicide [3-78]
31 Loving Is Easy (Single Version) [12-78]
32 Polk Street Rag (Live) [12-78]
33 Play To The World (Unreleased Single Edit) [1979]
34 Love On The Line [12-79]
35 Alright Down Get Boogie (Mu Ala Rusic) [12-79]
36 Capricorn (Single Edit) [3-80]
37 Berlin (Single Edit) [3-80]
38 Life Is For Living [Single Version] [11-80]
39 Sperratus (Single Edit) [11-80]
40 Shades Of B Hill [single B-side] [11-80]
41 Child Of The Universe (Live) (Single Edit) [1981]
42 Back To The Wall (Single Edit) [1981]
43 Just A Day Away (Forever Tomorrow) [9-83]
44 Rock 'N' Roll Lady (Single Edit) [9-83]
45 Ring Of Changes (Single Version) [1983]
46 Blow Me Down [1983]
47 Victims of Circumstance (Single Version) [3-84]
48 Victims Of Circumstance [Instrumental Version] [3-84]
49 I've Got A Feeling [7 '' Single Version] [9-84]
50 Rebel Woman [9-84]
51 He Said Love [Single Edit] [11-86]
52 On The Wings Of Love [Single Edit] [11-86]
53 Cheap The Bullet [2-90]
54 Shadows On The Sky [2-90]



Gootsy said...

Is it only the UK releases ? I don't see "John Lennon's Guitar", which was a German single (and a personal favorite of mine). Seems that BJH loved the fab four a lot - "Titles" is made only with Beatles songs' titles

Anonymous said...

This is Awesome, But track 41 seems to be missing.

BlankFrank said...

@Anon, thanks for pointing out the missing track. It's now there!

@ Gootsy, I followed mostly the UK singles. In the USA, they never really got past 'opening act' status and pretty much flew under our radar. This was an exercise for me so I could begin to understand their long career. I will look into JL's Guitar and possibly add it. Thank You!

zipper said...

For an album band they sure issued quite a few singles. Thanks for this Frank.

Rhodb said...

Thanks Frank

A very comprehensive collection appreciate the time that you have put into getting this BJH series together


Unknown said...

Thank you! There's a lot of singles out there from artists i always thought were "album artists"