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MACCA - Liverpool Sound Collage (VooDoo Ultimate Archive Collection #33)

I'm posting the Macca's complete series of VooDoo Ultimate Archive Collection compiled by David1Marx.  The work that VooDoo did has set the gold standard in terms of sound quality, attention to detail and completeness. I really believe that these are all you're going to need for Macca. As well, there are some releases that have been added to give a more well-rounded view of his career.   These are all @320, converted from original FLAC files.  As noted above, this is not my work, but they don't seem to be currently available anywhere. So I plan to post one per day, until the complete series is available again.

Original Notes:  1-5 - Liverpool Sound Collage
From April 7, 2000 to March 4, 200, the Tate Gallery Liverpool showed an exhibition: About Collage. The show was curated by Peter Blake – the artist who made the collage for the sleeve of Sgt. Pepper’s. Blake asked Paul McCartney to create a sound collage about Liverpool, to be played in an endless loop. With the help of Cian Ciaran of The Super Furry Animals, Paul compiled sounds and made a basic collage, using fragments of street interviews, his Cavern concert and Oratorio, plus some Beatles rehearsals. This 17 minute collage is called ‘Peter Blake 2000’.
When it was suggested to make an album of the material, Paul made to more mixes (‘Plastic Beetle’ and ‘Made Up’) while ‘Real Gone Dub’ is made by Youth (Martin Glover).
The album was released on August 21, 2000 in the UK and September 26 in the USA.

6-7 - Clean Machine
Using samples of ‘Penny Lane’, Paul made his first full-on electronic dance track, on May 28, 1999 in Abbey Road Studio Two. The track is made especially to promote ‘the only vegetarian cycling team on the planet’, sponsored by Linda McCartney’s Foods company. Every rider has the words "Clean machine" painted on the front forks of his bike – hence the name. From June 7, 1999 on, both mixes could be downloaded from the website of the team.

8-9 - Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the atomic bomb dropping on Hiroshima, Yoko Ono was asked to contribute a song. She delivered ’Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue’, a piece recorded on March 11, 1995 in Paul’s Hog Hill Mill Studio. All instruments and vocals are by Yoko, Sean and Paul, Linda and their children.
On August 6, 1995, NHK (public TV/radio station in Japan) played the short radio-edit during the morning news programme, Ohayou Nippon (Good Morning Japan).
The complete 7:47 version is only available from the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Arts gift shop. Since 2011 it is included on a cd with the book The Road of Hope.

Liverpool Sound Collage (VooDoo Ultimate Archive Collection #33)

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