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The KHJ-LA Complete Top-30 1969 Post One (January-February)

I held off posting this for a few days as I had upgrades and wanted to review one more time - and I'm glad I did: I corrected the tagging on some tracks got the chance to find a few more mono single mixes. You can be sure that many of the versions included here are very, very hard to find. Some of these were even taken as needle drops from a few friend's original 45s.

1969 follows the same format as 1968: every single track presented (mostly) in order, using original mono single mixes if they could be found. Original 1969 KHJ station IDs, DJ patter and advertisements separate the music on each weekly survey. Each file is tagged with the week's survey where the song initially appeared.

This was the year that I started collecting and following the weekly surveys.  I remember virtually every one of these songs entering the top-30 and tracked its course, trying to predict where each song would be the following week. It was a kind of hobby. And because I followed the surveys, I can place details of what happened in my life each week with precise details. This is the only time in my life where I can place exact dates on events. So collating 1969 brought back clear memories of my 13-to-14-year-old self. I hope there are others who'll have the same experience exploring this collection.

This post includes two sections - 1968 to 1969 simply repeats the songs that entered the top-30 in '68 and were still charting.  You'll need this for a complete 1969 but not if you're going to be playing this with alongside 1968.

Also included are a few "bonus" songs that charted into the national top-10 but didn't make it onto KHJ.  There are surprisingly few of these, but I believe it's important to see what was missing too.

1 93 KHJ Happy New Year - Sam Riddle - American Greeting
2 Young Holt-Unlimited Soulful Strut [Dec 4, 1968]
3 Elvis Presley If I Can Dream [Mono Single Version] [Nov 20, 1968]
4 The Brooklyn Bridge The Worst That Could Happen [Dec 11, 1968]
5 Diana Ross & The Supremes & The Temptations I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Mono Single Version) [Dec 4, 1968]
6 Tommy James And The Shondells Crimson And Clover (Mono Single Version) [Dec 18, 1968]
7 The Fun & Games The Grooviest Girl In The World (Mono Single Version) [Dec 11, 1968]
8 93 KHJ Boss Hitbound
9 The Doors Touch Me [Dec 18, 1968]
10 Royal Guardsmen Baby Let's Wait (Mono Single Version) [Dec 4, 1968]
11 The 5th Dimension California Soul (Mono Single Version) [Dec 11, 1968]
12 Marvin Gaye I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Mono Single Version) [Nov 20, 1968]
13 Jay & The Americans This Magic Moment (Mono Single Version) [Dec 18, 1968]
14 Three Dog Night Nobody [Nov 27, 1968]
15 The Temptations Cloud Nine (Mono Single Version) [Nov 27, 1968]
16 Sammy Davis, Jr. I've Gotta Be Me [Nov 20, 1968]
17 Tammy Wynette Stand By Your Man [Dec 11, 1968]
18 The Rascals A Ray Of Hope (Mono Single Version) [Nov 20, 1968]
19 Otis Redding Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Live) (Mono Single Version) [Dec 4, 1968]
20 93 KHJ Charlie Tuna - Man Power Deoderant - Gazzari's
21 The Bee Gees I Started A Joke (Mono Single Version) [Dec 24, 1968]
22 Sly & the Family Stone Everyday People (Mono Single Version) [Dec 24, 1968]
23 The Four Seasons Electric Stories (Mono Single Version) [Dec 18, 1968]
24 Wilson Pickett Hey Jude [Dec 24, 1968]
25 John Sebastian She's A Lady (Kama Sutra Mono Version) [Dec 18, 1968]
26 Eddie Floyd Bring It On Home To Me (Mono Single Version) [Dec 11, 1968]
27 The Lettermen Put Your Head On My Shoulder [Dec 24, 1968]
28 John Wesley Ryles Kay [Dec 11, 1968]

And here's January and February: 

29 93 KHJ KHJ Boss Radio- Scudder Rings Chevy Mark Of Excellence
30 The Turtles You Showed Me (Mono Single Version) [Jan 1, 1969]
31 Booker T. & The MGs Hang 'Em High (Mono Single Version) [Jan 1, 1969]
32 The Malibus A Broken Man (Mono Single Version) [Jan 1, 1969]
33 Dorsey Burnette The Greatest Love (Mono Single Version) [Jan 1, 1969]
34 The Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup (Mono Single Version) [Jan 1, 1969]
35 93 KHJ Double Play
36 Smoke Ring No Not Much (Mono Single Version) [Jan 8, 1969]
37 Smokey & the Miracles Baby, Baby Don't Cry (Mono Single Version) [Jan 8, 1969]
38 The Lovin' Spoonful Me About You (Mono Single Version) [Jan 8, 1969]
39 Tyrone Davis Can I Change My Mind? [Jan 8, 1969]
40 The Vogues Woman Helping Man [Jan 8, 1969]
41 Billy Harner She's Almost You (Mono Single Version) [Jan 8, 1969]
42 93 KHJ Boss Radio- 93 KHJ
43 Sir Douglas Quintet Mendocino (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
44 Joe South Games People Play (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
45 Diana Ross & the Supremes I'm Livin in Shame (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
46 The Bob Seger System Ramblin' Gamblin' Man (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
47 Creedence Clearwater Revival Proud Mary (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
48 Dion Purple Haze (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
49 Spirit I Got A Line On You (Mono Single Version) [Jan 15, 1969]
50 93 KHJ Charlie Tuna California Girls Intro
51 Deep Purple River Deep-Mountain High (Single Version) [Jan 22, 1969]
52 The First Edition But You Know I Love You (Mono Single Version) [Jan 22, 1969]
53 Cream Crossroads (Mono Single Version) [Jan 22, 1969]
54 Classics IV Traces [Jan 22, 1969]
55 Paul Anka Goodnight My Love [Jan 22, 1969]
56 KHJ/Donovan Plays More Music/Atlantis (Mono Single Version) (Bonus) [Jan 1968]
57 Donovan To Susan on the West Coast Waiting (Mono Single Version) [Jan 29, 1969]
58 Three Dog Night Try A Little Tenderness (Mono Single Version) [Jan 29, 1969]
59 New Colony Six Things I'd Like To Say (Mono Single Version) [Jan 29, 1969]
60 Dionne Warwick This Girl's In Love With You (Mono Single Version) [Jan 29, 1969]
61 Paul Revere & The Raiders Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon (Mono Single Version) [Jan 29, 1969]
62 93 KHJ Charlie Tuna Time Of The Season Intro
63 The Zombies Time of the Season (Mono Single Version) [Feb 5, 1969]
64 1910 Fruitgum Company Indian Giver (Mono Single Version) [Feb 5, 1969]
65 The Rascals Heaven [Mono Single Version] [Feb 5, 1969]
66 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Good Lovin' Aint Easy to Come By (Mono Single Version) [Feb 5, 1969]
67 Bill Deal & The Rhondels May I (Mono Single Version) [Feb 5, 1969]
68 93 KHJ Plays More Music
69 The Box Tops Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March (Mono Single Version) [Feb 12, 1969]
70 The Road She's Not There (Mono Single Version) [Feb 12, 1969]
71 The Grass Roots Lovin' Things (Mono Single Version) [Feb 12, 1969]
72 The Arbors The Letter (Mono Single Version) [Feb 12, 1969]
73 Shango Day After Day (It's Slippin' Away) (Mono Single Version) [Feb 12, 1969]
74 The Fireballs Long Green [Feb 12, 1969]
75 93 KHJ LA Times Chevy My Whole World Ended Intro
76 David Ruffin My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) (Mono Single Version) [Feb 19, 1969]
77 Tommy Roe Dizzy [Feb 19, 1969]
78 Neil Diamond Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (Mono Single Version) [Feb 19, 1969]
79 Frankie Laine You Gave Me A Mountain (Mono Single Version) [Feb 19, 1969]
80 93 KHJ Eveready Powerhouse - Dance Contest Aquarius Intro
81 The 5th Dimension Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) (Mono Single Version)
82 Glen Campbell Galveston (Mono Single Version) [Feb 26, 1969]
83 Jerry Butler Only The Strong Survive (Mono Single Version) [Feb 26, 1969]
84 Judy Collins Someday Soon [Feb 26, 1969]
85 Blood, Sweat & Tears You've Made Me So Very Happy (Mono Single Version) [Feb 26, 1969]
86 Betty Everett There'll Come A Time [Feb 26, 1969]

Finally, thanks for all of your kind words and a shout-out and thanks to DRaftervoi, SitarSwami & Fiscus1who assisted in supplying sonic upgrades and/or original mono mixes and generally assisted in improving this project.

If anyone has a better sounding or actual single version to share in FLAC or 320, or has KHJ airchecks (currently searching for 1971 and '72), please send them to  I can review, retag and replace within 24 hours in most cases.


Billy Pilgrim said...

Thanks for this, am always grateful for more Betty Everett tracks

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Grew up in So Cal and I too was 14 during the summer of 69.

It boggles my mind now when I listen to this music on my current sound system. Most of the music I heard then came out of my bedside alarm clock radio or the car radio when with my mom and dad. Not very sophisticated audio. 1 speaker. But it was mostly mono music then anyway.

Thanks for your efforts to produce this "blast from the past".

Dave said...

I am really enjoying this series and want to offer a heartfelt Thank You for your efforts.

Unlike some of the other commenters here, I don't have first-hand memories of hearing these songs on the radio as new releases. Born in the midwest, it was another ten years before I started paying close attention to songs on the radio and I get the impression that Top-40 radio was a bit of a different beast my side of the Mississippi. Nevertheless, I am really enjoying hearing these songs (many of which I know but certainly a few that are new to me) in this context, outside of artist Best-Ofs and genre anthologies. The almost-anything-goes aesthetic is really pretty glorious to a musical omnivore and it is a pity I can't turn on the radio today and hear something like it.

hotrodmike said...

Thanks for the effort to compile these. I know it's a labor of love. Much appreciated.

Chi-Town said...

Another terrific compilation, BF. Thank you very much. It is always nice to see what was going on on the other side of the Rockies back in the day.

Jonathan F. King said...
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Jonathan F. King said...

Have to delete an entire comment to fix a typo! Is there a better way? So here's what I said originally, with one letter changed...

The deeper I get into these KHJ comps, the richer they seem to me. I was there then, a UCLA freshman punching the AM buttons, in the car and in the dorm, in hopes of finding something non-bubble-gummy to listen to. KHJ was my least-favorite station, I readily admit: Their limited playlist of proven hits and a few picks was of little interest, compared to the more open formats of KRLA and KBLA and even KFWB. But I really am surprised to find as many forgotten discs and non-hits here as I'm finding ... you've done a great job of tracking down one-week wonders and bubbling-unders as well as the big, and endlessly repeated, hits. And while I appreciate your commitment to providing mono versions of as many discs as possible, I can't say I don't appreciate the stereo rips of tunes I heard only on AM radio in the day. It's a whole other dimension, and I don't think it does damage to the concept, myself. Easy for me to say, having as much fun as I'm having!

Timmy said...

Grrrrrreat! thanx...